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Top 11 Bookkeeping Errors

20 July 2021

CEO of Addition Finance, John Miller has worked in top-tier finance roles for over 14 years with companies such as […]

The 10 Things That Top Health Practitioners Mastered That Saved Their Time, Money and Sanity

1 June 2021

After speaking to thousands of practice owners and managers, we noticed a trend: There are certain aspects of running a […]

Should You Get a Business Coach?

22 April 2021

Want a better work-life balance? Looking for better control over your business? Got a goal to grow your practice this […]

Preparing to Return to Work During COVID-19

22 April 2021

As we continue to live and work through the COVID-19 pandemic, we have finally reached a point where healthcare professionals are […]

Is your wellbeing being affected by self-isolation?

17 February 2021

Human Givens therapist and trainer Emily Gajewski looks at our 9 emotional needs and how the Covid-19 lockdown may be […]

Relationships – What has love got to do with it?

3 February 2021

What did I get from coaching? It’s February, and yet another 7-year relationship bites the dust. Of course, it is […]

How to Write a Great Referral Feedback Letter

28 January 2021

Damien Adler discusses how a referral feedback letter can be used as a marketing tool for private practices. As well as […]

Anger Manager Training

Could Your Practice Benefit from Anger Management Training Skills?

28 September 2020

Anger management is in demand. Learn how to recognise and treat the issues The British Association of Anger Management’s latest Anger Academy training course […]

Discovering your purpose

6 August 2020

Article by Dr Tom Cotton, Existential-Analytic Psychotherapist, Executive Coach & Founder, Mind Environment In recent years I’ve become preoccupied with […]