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Bioresonance Food Sensitivities Testing

2 February 2021

If you are feeling under the weather,  if you lack energy, feel bloated or constipated, you could be sensitive to some […]

Why it’s time to invest in video for your practice

24 June 2020

A picture says a thousand words and a video says even more. Video can be an incredible form of communication- […]

Best health apps for sleep

20 March 2020

Sleep. It’s something we all need, but something that can often be compromised by the habits of modern life. Experts […]

The iChill License Free Music Collection

6 January 2020

Music plays a big role in supporting clients during treatments and the iChill music collection has been inspired by the […]

Starting your own product range is not easy

3 December 2019

OK, let’s assume you’re a therapist. You’re doing okay and you think it might be a good idea to start […]

Would you like to help more people?

31 October 2019

& Make a Difference? Attract & Treat More Clients? & Have More Energy at The End of Your Day? If […]

British Champion Gymnast uses PEMF therapy for recovery

14 August 2019

After sustaining a shoulder injury during the European Championships 2019, James Hall knew that ‘with an injury like this, it […]

FREE 2 week PEMF therapy trials for clinics!

10 July 2019

NewMed attended the COPA show in May and it was a great success! We met practitioners and therapists who took […]

Give your hands a rest – Consider PEMF for your practice

18 June 2019

Isn’t it time you gave those hands a rest and looked into something complimentary and super effective! So what is […]

Why magnesium should be on your radar

17 May 2019

No matter what kind of therapist you are, knowing the role magnesium plays in the body may be essential for […]