Dr Naomi Murphy – Clinical & Forensic Psychologist

Peterborough, Northamptonshire, PE8 4QP
Improve your relationships, gain contentment and quality of life by investing in therapy to soothe early hurts and psychological pain
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Feeling overwhelmed or finding events from your past are intruding on your ability to live life to its fullest? Maybe you find that relationships from early on in life seem to be getting in the way of having deeply meaningful and satisfying relationships now?  Do you find yourself craving acceptance and belonging or wishing you could somehow feel happier and more contented? Perhaps you’re sceptical about whether anything therapeutic can help you feel better but know that something needs to change?

Most people want to feel they have strong warm connections to others and the world around us and to feel they are getting the most out of life.  I specialise in helping people find ways to feel deeply connected to others and to overcome barriers to closeness (including trauma, substance misuse and fear of intimacy).  Many people who experience barriers to closeness have had not always felt safe and loved; sometimes they have been let down very badly by those who should have been protecting them.   Everyone’s personal experiences contribute to who they are now and therapy can help you grow beyond the expectations you have developed for yourself and ensure you are not restricting the opportunities available to you for your life.  

I offer on-line or face to face therapy.  I am an accredited sensorimotor psychotherapist and I’ve been a clinical and forensic psychologist for over 20 years and can help you find ways to enhance your life and create lasting change via therapy, coaching, experiential personal growth retreats and workshops.  Approximately 2/3 of my clients have been men. 

I am trained in a number of approaches including schema-focused therapy (addresses limiting beliefs that we often hold about ourselves and our relationship with others and the world); sensorimotor psychotherapy (a body based therapy that explores how trauma and difficult early relationships is stored in the body), EMDR (eye-movement de-sensitisation and reprocessing to address specific traumatic episodes) as well as a number of therapies related to coping with emotion.  I am also trained and experienced in delivering NeurOptimal braintraining and VR nature-based mindfulness both of which can help calm the brain, reduce agitation and improve the ability to achieve a state of creative flow and focus .  

Uncertain whether therapy or psychological approaches to life’s obstacles is for you? It’s not unusual for people to have reservations about whether therapy can be helpful or be anxious about talking things through with someone they don’t know that well.  Schedule a free 30 minute conversation to see whether I can offer you anything that could enrich your life and reduce psychological distress.

Training, qualifications and experience:

I have been a qualified Clinical Psychologist since 1997 and been offering trauma-focused psychological therapy since that time.  I gained registration as a Forensic Psychologist in 1998. I am honorary Professor of Psychology at Nottingham Trent University.

Further specialist training includes: Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (1997) Interpersonal Psychotherapy (1998) Schema-Focused Therapy (1998) Foundation in Group Analysis (1999) EMDR (2004) Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Accreditation (2017) NeurOptimal Accreditation (2019)


Professional memberships:

I am a registered and regulated by the Health & Caring Professions Council (PYL16290). I am also a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and am a member of the Divisions of Clinical Psychology and Forensic Psychology as well as the Faculty of Forensic Clinical Psychology, the Faculty of Leadership & Management and the Cyberpsychology and Psychology of Men sections.

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£120 per 50 minute session
Price on application for retreats, workshop and coaching

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