Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist. Gender and Sexual Diversity Specialist

CH63 2NT
Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist Gender and Sexual Diversity Specialist
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I am a fully qualified psychosexual and relationship/couples therapist and sex coach, gender and sexual diversity specialist In private practice. I work with all kinds of sexual and relationship issues with men, women, other gender and couples and multi person relationships. I am a specialist in Gender ( trans, non binary, gender questioning, non conforming, gender fluid etc) I have an interest in and am knowledgeable about the impact of such medical intersex conditions such as Klinefelter’s, classical and non classical CAH (Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia)   I am also very experienced in alternative lifestyle (open, swinging, poly etc,) LGBT, Kink, fetish and BDSM .  GSD Therapy  Gender  Are you confused about your sex and gender? Is what is on the outside not the same as how you feel? Are you frightened and confused? Unsure about What to do next, where to turn or how to tell your loved ones how you feel? Do you feel you wont be believed or scorned. Together we can explore your sense of self and how you experience YOUR GENDER offering guidance and support all the way. For those living in the Wirral and Liverpool area There is a possibility of referring to our local Endocrinologist for bridging hormones (depending on assessment) and Speech therapist (Wirral only)    Sexual Diversity  Do you have a kink or fetish? Do you have feelings about wanting to be dominant or submissive. Are you uncomfortable with these feelings or simply wanting to understand them. I can offer you a knowledgeable non pathologizing ear.  Please email for (GSD therapy only)

Training, qualifications and experience:

Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy (LDPRT) General Counselling (university South Wales, Newport) Advanced Couples Therapy (NAOS Institute) Relationship Therapy in Gender and Sexual Diversity (Pink Therapy) (all education is at level 7) 13 years experience within the NHS. Two years experience as clinical lead for Wirral Gender Support Service I attend as many CPD couses as possile.

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£40 for individuals £60 for couples Weekends £60 and £80 respectively Consessions for unemployed and issues around covid-19 are available

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Contact Name: Samantha Jones
Phone Number: 07939037762
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