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Nicola’s style uses warmth, compassion, intuition, optimism, and collaboration. She is active in coaching, and although she finds listening to...
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Relationships often seek help at a point where they believe it is beyond repair. Communication has broken down, they lack trust, and intimacy no longer exists. Without help we can feel locked in to a negative spiral.  Relationship Coaching drastically increases your chance of resolution and future happiness. People seek coaching for a wide range of reasons. More often than not, they need help because they are having trouble communicating effectively. Consequently, there is a break down in one or many parts of the relationship. Nicola, our expert Relationships Coach, often hears how couples have lost time for one another in their busy lives, the trust is gone, they feel betrayed, their sexual lives and desire have diminished. They fight and argue about the same things and never find resolution. Some issues Nicola may address are: communication, conflict resolution, money and finances, sex and intimacy issues, fighting and anger issues, gender roles, addiction, in-law struggles, religion, values, pregnancy, and many more. The shift in a relationship can bring about many emotions, including sadness, confusion, and despair. Nicola addresses everything that you’re feeling, as well as your concerns, and collaboratively sets a plan and goals to get the relationship back on track. What is expected of you A serious level of commitment is required. It is important that you are open to learning, growing, and receiving feedback that will relate directly to your role in the relationship. It is expected that you will try not to be defensive, to communicate when you are, and to commit to altering the behaviours that are damaging to the relationship. When these conditions are met, we have an excellent chance that the relationship will wind up in a stronger place than it’s ever been in before. These matters are intensely private. But if you or anyone in your team, family or friends is facing increased mental health pressure from relationship issues, you owe it to yourself and them not to ignore it. We urge you to encourage them to reach out for help. Take the first step to changing your life!

Training, qualifications and experience:

Graduate Member of the Institute of Personnel Development University of Hull Advanced Diploma of Couple Counselling Relate Institute Family Counselling Relate Institute Relationship Counselling Relate Institute Working with Teenagers Centre for Child Mental Health Therapeutic Counselling Skills for Children Working with Self Harm and Suicide Ideation Certificate Relate Institute Domestic Violence Relate Institute Substance Misuse and Couples Relate Institute Bereavement and Loss Cruse Bereavement Care Certificate in Bereavement Counselling Counselling Assessment

Professional memberships:

Member of the Institute of Personnel Development Relate Institute Family Counselling Relate Institute Relationship Counselling Relate Institute Working with Teenagers


M.O.T £150 (inclusive of VAT) – 1 hour session via video chat Our Marriage MOT takes a look under the bonnet of your relationship. COACHING £750.00 (inclusive of VAT) – 5 x 1 hour session via video chat Our Relationship Expert Coach takes a look at what is really going on in your relationships.

Terms and Conditions: Discounts Any special discounts will be valid for a limited time only, which will be outlined clearly to you. Discounts cannot be applied in relation to any other offers. Session Cancellation / Postponement You may cancel or change your coaching session up to 48 hours prior to that session’s start time. Cancelling or postponing within 48 hours of your next session will result in you losing the cost and benefits of that session.
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