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14 Drayton Rd, London NW10 4EL, NW10 4EL
I work out of my clinic ""Chi Sound Healing"" in NW10 as well as the Notting Hill Therapy Clinic in...
My Services:

I am a Master Sound Therapy Teacher, a Sound Therapist and Reiki Master. I also do Dr Bradley Nelsons Blocked emotion codes and Shamanic Therapies. Sound Therapy uses frequencies to awaken our innate ability to heal ourselves. Every organ and system in our body responds to a specific frequency and like a piano, if one note or organ is out of harmony it effects the whole system. We sound and feel out of key. Dis-ease sets in and we start to become ill. I use tuning forks from Solfeggio to Endocrine and many others, to bring us back into harmony, so we look and feel better. I bring up the energy levels and open the Chakra system so we are able to make better choices  in our lives. Reiki, Shamanic and Sound therapies are all energy healing. We are working in the etheric fields, the Chakra system, and the meridian system,  to bring order out of chaos, clarity out of confusion, wellbeing and positive life force. Most people are working at survival level. When we open the Chakra system and get the meridian energy flowing we have more energy for our  life adventure. I have many clients with anxiety and have found Dr Bradly Nelsons Blocked emotion code to be very effective. My Shamanic work is mostly with Soul retrieval and Soul wounds, removing attachments and energy work. I also cleanse building/land healing where we clear the toxic and negative energy build up in our homes so they feel more relaxing and comfortable to live in. This includes spirit release.

Training, qualifications and experience:

Certified Master Sound Therapy Teacher with Soma Energetics 2020 Certified Sound Therapist with Soma Energetics 2014 Reiki Master ( Usui system) 2007 Shamanic Therapist of the Crow Tribe with Les Fuller since 2015

Professional memberships:

International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine


£60 per hour for all therapies. £150 for spirit release and energy clearing of homes/ land. £75 in advance to check what is happening at the property. £75 on completion.

Terms and Conditions: All online treatments must be paid in advance. All bookings at the Notting Hill Therapy Clinic must have a £30 deposit to cover room hire should you fail to turn up. Cancellation must be 24 hours in advance.
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Contact Name: Sandira Michael
Phone Number: +447940804098
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