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Experienced psychotherapist and energy medicine therapist, I integrate energy psychology approaches with traditional talk therapy, shamanic breathwork and guided medititaion....
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I am a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist and Counsellor with over 20 years experience in emotional and energetic healing. I see my work as that of a guide – hence the name of this site – it is my role to show you your way to lasting transformation and growth, just as others have helped and guided me. HOW I WORK AND WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT I use several ways of working – guided by and agreed with you. We might agree on a straightforward counselling or psychotherapy approach, or introduce elements of energetic healing. I can work on Skype if we are not able to meet face to face. ​Intuitive Psychotherapy This way of working is one that I use the most frequently and is a combination of psychotherapy and counselling with the additional support of energy psychology. ​I attune to your energy field and, as you talk and we interact, I receive and use energetic information for your meridians (energy channels) and chakras (energy centres) and use a sequence of tapping, breathing techniques and sound vibration to release trapped emotions and trauma to facilitate energetic change. Correspondingly, you may notice internal shifts or changes, such as heat, tingling or coolness as energetic releases are recognised. Your breathing may also change, your shoulders relax or your jaw muscles loosen. Yawning is common as energetic changes are recognised. You might also notice emotional changes, such as relief or a sense of letting go as old emotions are freed from your physical and energetic body. At the end of a session some people notice an immediate change in their condition/dis-ease, others report subtle and incremental changes later on, especially in their behaviour and thought patterns. Energetic Emotional Healing In this approach, there is little or no talking involved so this is the ideal therapy for those who, for whatever reasons, are unable to communicate or voice their trauma or pain. This is particulary effective for suppressed or historic trauma or horror where revisiting the original experience would be too shocking or unbearable. This can include past life, trans-generational, ancestral and cultural resonances. This is a very gentle way of working. I ask you to set an intention for the optimal outcome for transformation; using intention is a very powerful tool. Following attunement I receive a flow of energetic information which I use to create change. I follow this information around my body, tapping meridians, holding chakras, using the breath and sound to release trapped and stagnant energy. You may either mirror my movements or sit back and relax into a meditative state. Some clients experience creative visualisation and guidance from their wiser self. During this process I sometimes use words to acknowledge loss, grief, anger, trauma before it is let go. Towards the end of the session we bring in harmonious qualities, such as love, peace, grace and gratitude to replace old disruptive patterns. Direct Contact Healing ​This includes elements of Shamanic healing. To start the session, we attune our energy fields and ask for the optimum outcome for healing. Following a discussion of what you feel needs healing we ask for that energetic information. As this begins to flow through for us, I either work directly on your body and energetic body, or through my body, whichever is your preference. I use my hands/touch, voice/sound and the breath to facilitate change and healing.

Training, qualifications and experience:

Psychotherapy M.A. Adv Dip Transpersonal Psychotherapy Advanced Integrative Therapy – Energy Psychology/Trauma treatment protocol

Professional memberships:

My professional credentials: I am a member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapists (UKCP) so you can feel assured that you will receive a highly qualified, experienced and professional service from me. (The UK Council for Psychotherapy is the leading professional body for the education, training and regulation of psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors. The register is accredited by the government’s Professional Standards Authority) UKCP registration 2011162885


£65 for 50 minute session £100 for 90 minute session – energy psychology

Terms and Conditions: 48 hour cancellation required for one off or single sessions. For regular and weekly appointments I offer an alternative time within the same week
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Contact Name: Cindy Pearce
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