Employing people at a therapy practice | The Private Practice Hub

Becoming an employer

Becoming an employer for the first time can be daunting. For small businesses such as your private practice, the rules and regulations can seem overwhelming.

However, getting to grips with employment can bring huge benefits to your private practice – and to you.

Your employee(s) will become your greatest asset – taking the pressure off your shoulders, freeing up your time, and helping your private practice grow and flourish.

In this section we cover the key basics to employing someone and show you where you can go for more information:

Job Description 

Here we talk about the steps to getting the right employee – how to write a job description, what a person specification is all about, and how to conduct an interview.

Employment Contract 

In this article we cover the employment contract, and what you need to provide in writing to set out your employment terms and conditions, such as sick pay, holiday entitlement and so on.

The Law

Employees have a number of rights under various laws. Here we describe the key rules that you should follow, and show you where you can find more information.


Read our article on setting up a payroll system, or find out about PAYE.

Employer training

Recruiting and employing someone can be daunting for the first time employer. Luckily, there are a wealth of training courses that can help you get to grips with employment. Training courses to consider include:

  • employment law
  • payroll and PAYE
  • health and safety

To find courses, ask your local Chamber of Commerce. You can also visit websites such as ACAS, where they list several useful courses for employers.