Gay Werewolves The Symbolic Life and Religious Fundamentalism Concerning Separation, Proportion and Metaphor

Saturday 16th January 10:15 - 12:45


The deeper dimension of life has been represented and upheld by lively mythology. While Jung valued the symbolism of mythology as the fullest expression of what is largely beyond words, a more modern attitude has been to equate ‘myth’ with ‘untruth’. Such contempt has been seen as underlying some fundamentalist religious sects in their pursuit of fanatical destruction. [My thesis is that a misunderstanding of science and of religion sometimes leads to materialism that encourages a dismissive attitude to the planet and to other people, largely because it diminishes our experience to the merely rational.] To counter this, I want to encourage you to enjoy some areas of creative activity which seek to embody old truths in new myths and re-invigorate a spiritual dimension in terms of a new and developing body of work that may be more relevant to contemporary minds, without seeking to supersede older, and now slightly shop-soiled mythology which could benefit from refurbishment.