Heal your Ego States Workshop or Healing Program

Thursday 14th January 10:00 - 16:00


How wounded or free is your inner child? How nurturing or critical is your inner parent? How balanced is your inner adult? You will work in real time synergy with your inner ego states for insight, healing and resolution. Understand your inner parent, adult and child aspects. How they have become wounded or unbalanced and self sabotage or play out through your victim, persecutor, rescuer behaviour states. How they translate into your life, stunting your own way forward. Learn how to change it right now, bringing re-alignment and re-integration to your inner self; balancing your inner emotional and mental planes for a new way forward. A day of deep healing, resolution and understanding of what you have internalised and is really holding you back, breaking free of outdated life scripts and conditioning. Perfect if you are ready to rescue yourself, for inner change and transformation, promoting deeper insight to help you go forward. It’s never too late to make the change you need to. Book to suit, for yourself or your own groups. Shorter therapy sessions also available. Plus distant sessions via telephone and Skype. Please Contact to book.