Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors: Survivors: Transformational Approaches to Treating Complex Trauma

Friday 23rd April 09:30 - Saturday 24th April 17:00


Because trauma lives in the body, traditional talk therapy cannot access the deeply rooted, pervasive wounds that complex trauma leaves behind. Many traumatised clients present with overlapping symptoms including self-hatred, self-alienation, addiction, internal conflict, numbing or shame. With these clients, you may constantly feel stuck treating surface-level symptoms or the “crisis of the week.” As a result, you are left overwhelmed and frustrated that you can never get to treating the trauma, despite your best efforts. Go beyond symptom reduction and take your work with traumatised clients to a whole new level by implementing this transformational approach to trauma treatment. Watch world-renowned complex trauma and attachment expert Janina Fisher for this exclusive workshop. Her cutting-edge approach will shift your clinical perspective so you’ll see your client not as a traumatised whole person, but rather as fragmented pieces that are in need of healing. Janina will teach you to go beyond treating surface-level symptoms and give you the tools you need to look at trauma treatment through a whole new lens. Janina’s innovative approach integrates Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems and Ego State Therapy to get to the root of the problem where trauma can truly be processed. Janina will teach you how to help clients struggling with suicidal and self-destructive impulses, loss of identity, and self-hatred caused by childhood trauma. You’ll walk away with the skills you need to help your fragmented and traumatized clients achieve self-compassion and acceptance of all aspects of self. Through real-life, in-session videos, practical mindfulness exercises, and unique insight from the field of neuroscience, you’ll learn powerful strategies to use in your practice to overcome the devastating impacts of childhood abuse and repair childhood wounds.