How to tell stories that heal – master the art of therapeutic storytelling

Monday 10th May 09:30 - 16:00


This popular and empowering day explores stories that have a powerful beneficial effect on the mind/body system and teaches you how to source and tell such therapeutic tales yourself.

What will you learn

  • A powerful way to stimulate optimism, hope and independence in distressed people
  • How and why our brains work through ‘pattern-matching’
  • How to use this profoundly useful tool for getting through to people stuck in the black-and-white thinking of emotional distress
  • Increased ability to source and tell therapeutic stories yourself
  • Ways to enhance your own problem-solving capacity, and how to help others with theirs
  • A new way to motivate and engage people
  • Insights into the mind/body communication system and how useful this tool can be for promoting healing and recovery
  • A great way to build rapport and bypass resistance
  • How to choose the appropriate stories and metaphors for different people, and when to use them
  • Practical ways in which therapists, teachers, GPs, managers, policy planners etc can apply this knowledge to their work
  • The ability to enhance flexibility of thought, creativity and confidence in your clients
  • How stories and metaphors can also help us diagnose where problems lie
  • A new love and deeper understanding of the value, resonances and resources within stories
  • Greater confidence in dealing with a wide range of people – and a solid understanding of, and practice in, the therapeutic precision of metaphor and more…

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“So informative and relevant to my everyday work” SCHOOL COUNSELLOR