Neglect, Shut Down States & Hard to Reach Clients: Therapeutic Challenges

Saturday 23rd January 09:30 - 13:00


Working with people who seem shut-down can be de-skilling experiences for practitioners. Being with long periods of silence, avoidance of eye-contact, difficulties in showing affect, purpose or even words can be enormously challenging and likely to evoke a very negative countertransference. Frustration, boredom and feelings of incompetence make it hard to maintain interest in such clients and they may be dismissed as unready or unsuitable for therapy. This half-day workshop will examine working with clients who seem cut-off due to neglect, trauma or hopelessness, and the different challenges these states pose. The early roots of unreachable states, including neurobiological and attachment problems, will be discussed, as well as how to work to redevelop more hopeful states, and how this needs to be informed by the practitioner's own felt embodiment and its use in sessions . As well as slides and video-clips, there will be space for an experiential exercises and discussion with your colleagues and speaker.