Online Winter School – Developing Skills in Couple Work

Monday 15th February 10:00 - Friday 19th February 16:00


This course is open to those interested in learning more about couple relationships and about working with couples from a psychodynamic perspective. It will be useful to individual counsellors and individual, child, family and group psychotherapists, and to those in the helping professions, such as clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers. The course aims to: introduce the central concepts used in understanding unconscious processes in couple interaction offer a framework for understanding conscious and unconscious communication in couples that is grounded in theory, clinical case examples and seminar discussion enable you to begin to make use of psychodynamic concepts in formulating and understanding the relationship aspect of your work with couples or individuals give each participant the opportunity to present some work and learn from the work of others. Two lectures each day will include: transference and countertransference in couple therapy working with the sexual relationship unconscious processes in the couple relationship thinking about the couple in individual work. There will also be two participant clinical presentations each day, providing an opportunity for attendees to discuss their own material in small groups led by experienced couple therapists.