Overcoming self-harm: how to reduce and prevent self-harming behaviours (1-Day Workshop)

Tuesday 29th June 09:30 - 16:00


Self-harming and self-injury behaviours are increasing at an alarming rate – particularly among children and young people. It’s common to feel powerless when faced with such distressing behaviour, but with the essential information and skills you will learn on this course, you needn’t feel that way again.

You will gain a wealth of new information, proven techniques and useful tips which combined will ensure you give sufferers the best chance of recovering their mental health and moving on in their lives. You will also hear from people who have been able to completely stop self-harming (or dramatically reduced it) and are now living fulfilled lives as a result of this approach.

If you would like to make sense of all the fragments of information you have about self-harming and pull them all together into a cohesive and effective treatment strategy, this workshop is for you.

Course venue –
Broadway House
Tothill Street

Alternative dates and locations available.

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