Practical Strategies for Complex PTSD: An Integrative Mind-Body Approach to Treating Repeated, Chronic, and/or Developmental Trauma

Friday 5th March 10:00 - Saturday 6th March 16:00


 While it took some time for researchers and practitioners to agree that Complex PTSD has its own aetiology, symptomatology and recommended therapeutic methods; distinct from PTSD – there is now increasing realization that our clinical approaches need to be considerably different when our clients have suffered prolonged and repeated incidences of interpersonal trauma. Such trauma could have been chronic sexual, psychological and physical abuse, neglect, intimate partner violence or situations that involved captivity – resulting in extended periods of terror, fear and severe dysregulations of affect and arousal. This practical and clinically oriented workshop draws on efficacy proven techniques from relational psychotherapy, Parts Work Therapy, Somatic Psychology, EMDR Therapy, DBT and mindfulness-based techniques – to explain effective therapeutic tools that facilitate a strength-based approach to trauma recovery and increase resilience in our clients. While a number of practitioners have been trained to work with single, traumatic events – navigating Complex PTSD requires us to work with multiple layers of personal, relational, societal and / or cultural losses. Dr Schwartz has organized this 2-Day training workshop in an experiential format – aimed at helping us successfully organize and prioritize our clients’ therapeutic goals. Through a series of lectures, case vignettes and examples, we will learn how to compassionately and effectively work with clients who have experienced multiple traumatic events and prolonged trauma exposure.