Relax and De-stress Workshop

Thursday 25th March 10:00 - 16:00


Working in synergy with your meta-physical energy, you will relax and de-stress, as you are taken through a series of highly personalised, Soul led healing methods.

Helping to restore a sense of balance to body systems, as you gently replenish through the day. The course will provide a series of re-balancing techniques to use in your daily living. It will promote a deeper sense of well-being and peace, unique to your needs, direct from your higher intelligence. Your energy has the answer to your well-being and your body is already seeking homeostasis. Tapping in energetically provides deeper insight and understanding to what you really need to go forward with clarity in your life.

Can be delivered as a full day workshop, one to one, with personal feedback and Reiki healing as needed, or to your own groups. Shorter sessions are also available. Distant sessions via phone, video call or Skype also available. Book to suit.

Please visit my website for further details or contact me on 07977 140 550.