Subpersonality; working with the people inside us

Saturday 27th February 09:30 - 16:30


Subpersonality work is deeply transformational as it releases us from habitual patterns of behaviour. We all have a number of personalities that express themselves in different situations. Recognising  them is a voyage of self-discovery that helps us to improve our relationships with others. In her poem, House of Changes, Jeni Couzyn describes her body as being ‘a wide house a commune’ bustling with different characters. In the final verse she states how she is, one by one, ‘making friends with them all’. This workshop is an invitation to get to know your own subpersonalities. Throughout the day, you will learn how subpersonality theory can help clients who seem stuck or resistant to change. This approach enables those who feel overwhelmed with emotions or thoughts to move forward and make choices. It especially empowers those who feel at the mercy of their self-saboteur. The day will begin with a short lecture to explain the theory, based on John Rowan’s work, followed by experiential exercises to explore our own subpersonalities. The work is energising as we use creativity, masks, movement, drama, and dialogue to enhance our self-understanding.