The Art and Science of Defusion in ACT

Thursday 21st January 09:00 - 11:00


Defusion is a core ACT strategy that offers incredible versatility and flexibility in working with sticky and TRUE thoughts. It rapidly allows clients to respond skilfully to thoughts to allow them to stay true to what matters to them in life. But defusion is also a skill that practitioners can find especially challenging to apply effectively. There are a wealth of ways to implement  defusion,  meaning  that it is also a strategy that is easy to overuse or misuse. Along with this, clients report their experience of thinking in many different ways, and thought is not always described as a neatly presented set of words. To deliver defusion strategies well, practitioners must remain in touch with their client’s individual experience, whilst also keeping a close eye on the intended and actual function of the work, and consider how their own minds are working during these clinical encounters. This is no easy feat and it’s not surprising that defusion sometimes falls flat, or heads our clients off in unintended directions. This 2-hour clinical skills workshop is designed for any practitioners using ACT to help you master defusions skills. We will cover theoretical factors related to the nature of thinking and the function of defusion in order to help participants master defusion work and to feel more confident about how and when to use it effectively. Practical exercises will help to consolidate learning. Participants are encouraged to have at least a basic understanding of the 6 core ACT processes before the workshop. There will be opportunities for delegates to ask questions.