The Mind-Body Connection – Exploring the relationships between emotions, exercise and eating

Friday 26th February 09:30 - 16:00


This essential CPD day gives you a wealth of important new information from the latest mind/body research that has huge implications for our understanding of mental and physical health.

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Live training delivered online – Join Dr Andrew Morrice live via Zoom on Friday 26th February 2021. The content covered on this lively day will be the same as his attended workshop and you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. All you need is a quiet place to watch, a PC or tablet and a strong internet signal, the rest is easy. Simply book your place as normal, and we will email you details of how to join the Zoom workshop.

NB The training will be recorded in case anyone experiences technical difficulties on the day.

What will you learn

  • A deeper knowledge of the interdependence of the mind-body system and the many ways it impacts on our lives
  • Greater clarity about the role some emotions play in creating ill-health – and the powerful ways in which other emotional states promotes  health (including the key role of oxytocin)
  • The simple and powerful changes to lifestyle that can augment the effectiveness of psychotherapy and counselling
  • An introduction to ways in which metaphor and other language skills can be used to help people make healthy changes
  • Increased knowledge of the ways in which physical changes in the body contribute to emotional distress – in particular how physical changes contribute to depression
  • The effects of diet on our emotional and physical health, and how emotional and cognitive patterns interfere with our ability to nourish ourselves appropriately
  • A solid understanding of the physical health challenges facing us today and why, despite the wonders of modern medicine, chronic ill health is rising
  • The different ways activity and exercise can maintain – or undermine – health
  • The interrelationship between food and drugs – why some foods are addictive
  • Are there similar problems in applying the disease model to ‘chronic physical illness’ as arise in ‘mental illness’?
  • Insight into how the human givens approach can clarify complex and apparently conflicting information to provide robust and easily understood ideas about how human health can be maximise
  • New ways to improve your own health and wellbeing, and more…

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“Found the whole course fascinating. The information will be invaluable in my work on health promotion and stress management”