The Rewind Technique Effective treatment for trauma (PTSD) and phobias (2-Day Workshop)

Wednesday 16th June 09:30 - 16:00


The refined version of the rewind technique that you will learn on this 2-day workshop is an extremely safe, unintrusive and reliably effective psychological intervention for treating trauma and phobias.

What will you learn

  • The ability to detraumatise people quickly and safely
  • The necessary skills to remove even severe phobias
  • A clear understanding of the fear response and how PTSD and phobias develop
  • The detrimental impact traumas and phobias can have on a person’s life
  • The crucial role of the pattern-matching processes in the brain in triggering phobic responses and post-traumatic stress symptoms
  • Why critical incident debriefing increases the incidence of PTSD
  • How the main treatment techniques for treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sub-threshold trauma and phobias (including EMDR, EFT and CBT) work – their advantages and disadvantages
  • Why this version of the rewind technique is safer and more reliable
  • Trauma-focused rewinding: The psycho-biological reason why the refined rewind technique works so consistently well
  • A step-by-step breakdown of the essential stages of the rewind technique
  • The chance to see a live demonstration of removing a phobia or PTSD symptoms in one session
  • Under careful guidance from the tutor, participants practice each stage of the technique in pairs
  • You then practice the entire process with other course participants, again under supervision
  • Abreactions – and what to do if this occurs with a client
  • The advantages of using a non-intrusive psychological technique to treat trauma, PTSD and phobias
  • Knowledge of when not to use this technique – and what can be done instead
  • ‘Complex Trauma’: How the technique was used in a complex case of a girl who was seriously affected by childhood racial and sexual abuse, the murder of two friends and witnessing another friend’s suicide. (We view a filmed therapy session and subsequent follow-up session, by which time all symptoms had disappeared).
  • How you can carefully apply this technique to relieve a huge range of anxiety disorders
  • Greater confidence in dealing with anxiety disorders and distress caused by trauma, phobias and flashbacks

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and to experience and practice, under careful guidance, the various stages of the rewind technique yourself.

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