Understanding the Effects of Attachment Style on the Teenage Years

Saturday 10th July 10:00 - 16:00


The start of the workshop includes the basics of Attachment Theory this workshop will act as a useful refresher for those familiar with the theory. Neuroscience of the Adolescent Brain- Exploration of current research into how the adolescent brain differs from the preadolescent brain, and the adult brain. From which to gain a greater understanding of issues that occur at this stage of development. Attachment style in Adolescence -There will be time to consider how infant and child attachment style contributes to this stage in life that straddles care seeking behaviours and personal exploration in the adult world. We have space to explore peer relationships, and relationships with parents. Managing Difficult Behaviours- Information about attachment style and the influence of how attachment style contributes to our understanding of behaviours such as alcohol misuse, drug taking, and self harm. Exercises- although not essential it will be useful for participants to spend time in advance to consider their own client work and come ready to work with a particular client in order to complete exercises to practice these important new skills. The workshop will offer an experience that enhances work with this challenging but very rewarding client group.