When the therapist says ‘Goodbye’- Using attachment theory to explore endings imposed by the therapist

Saturday 11th September 10:00 - 16:00


A day for counsellors, therapists and supervisors who want to consider the impact of these forced endings. • retirement • maternity leave • moving house • sabbatical • illness in the therapist or her family We are likely to face one or more of these challenges in our working life and taking time to reflect on the ethical and clinical implications can help us when we face sensitive choices. For therapists who are approaching ‘peri-retirement’ the day could provide a space to reflect on the ambivalence about ending and perhaps to clarify the choices about timetabling closure and informing clients. The Covid-19 pandemic will have coloured or even precipitated some of these experiences and we will hold that in our reflections. The imposition of a forced ending could be on the one hand a rich opportunity for deeper engagement, and on the other an intrusion of the therapist’s own needs and an irreparable break in the frame which compromises the work. How can we work in a way which minimises the harmful impact of this abandonment and maximises the opportunity? The emphasis will be on planned endings imposed by the therapist but we will give some thought to emergency endings and referral on.