Working Alongside Transgender, Non-binary & Gender Questioning Clients

Saturday 26th June 10:00 - 16:30


This one day workshop is an interactive opportunity to explore and learn how you might better work alongside clients who are transgender, gender diverse, questioning their gender and/or non binary and, where appropriate, their partners/families. We will explore the basics of language and the social, legal and medical systems that surround and support these clients, and better understand what therapeutic work can be undertaken in this context. We will explore how and which psychological/clinical theories can support our reflexive processes and therapeutic practice. The day will also provide the opportunity to get better at having conversations about gender and its intersections in the lives of the people to whom we offer therapeutic space. Learning Outcomes Get self-reflexive about gender diversity Understand the relationship between sex, gender and sexual orientation and how it impacts on the family life-cycle Feel more confident in understanding how gender is constructed and the impact this has on identity, relationships and therapy Learn the basics of language and the socio-cultural systems that impact this client group. Be able to identify good practice in relation to working alongside and supporting transgender and gender diverse clients Feel more confident to engage in conversations about gender and gender diversity and support trans, non-binary, gender questioning people, their partners and families.