Working Therapeutically with Clients with High Functioning Autism

Saturday 20th March 10:00 - 16:30


In the UK, one per cent of people are diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition. Counsellors and psychotherapists are increasingly finding that people with an autism diagnosis (or those they might suspect have autism) are reaching out for therapeutic support. And yet, on most diploma, degree or even masters training programmes, working with autistic process is never mentioned. This leaves many clinicians feeling de-skilled and confused when encountering autism in the consulting room and means that autistic adults, who desperately need our help, are often left adrift. This workshop will be a mixture of teaching and experiential learning, and aims to give practitioners a grounding in working with adults with high functioning autism. The characteristics, challenges and potential strengths of an autism spectrum condition will be explored, and delegates will develop an understanding of how they can adapt and enrich their practice to work with this fascinating client group.