Downloads For Therapists


We have created some downloadable templates, letters and spreadsheets to help you in all aspects of private practice. The full list is below. We hope you find them useful – and would love to hear your feedback!

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Once logged into your account, scroll down the screen to “Member Resources”. In this area you will see lots of resources for therapists. Click on either the Word Document tab/PDF Tab/Excel Tab etc and choose the document you wish to use then click “download”.

We will be adding to these all the time so please do ensure you are a member to be notified of new additions.

List of Downloads:

Business Plan Template

Business Earnings Projection Calculator

Accounting / Record Keeping: Your Options

List of Associations For Therapists

List of Directory Websites For Therapists

List of Rehabilitation Companies For Therapists

List of Referrers For Therapists

Client Satisfaction Questionnaire

Patient Outcome Questionnaire For Talking Therapists

Terms & Conditions For Medico-Legal Work

Terms & Conditions For Psychological Therapy

Terms & Conditions For Referrers

Letters to Clients At The End of Therapy

Letters to Referrers At The End of Therapy

Job Description Template & Guidelines

Job Description – Psychotherapist & Clinical Services Manager

Job Description – Psychological Therapist

Job Description – Admin Secretary

How To Write A Person Specification

Example Person Specification (Marketing Assistant)

Risk Assessment Table

Lone Worker Protocol

Violence & Aggression Policy

CRM Software Comparison Chart

Website Designer Summary & Comparison

Software Reviews – Online Platforms Comparison Summary

Lettings Licence To Practitioners

Disclaimer: these documents are offered on a “best intentions” basis. No responsibility is held by the Private Practice Hub for their content, or for the advice given herein, or for the consequences or actions resulting in using them. These documents may contain confidential information:  please use them responsibly.