Help with Finance | The Private Practice Hub


This section is packed full of advice on all aspects of finance. We’ll help you answer questions such as ‘should I be a sole trader or a limited company?, ‘how much should I charge?’, ‘what accounting records do I need to keep?’ and ‘where do I start with my tax return?’.

Reading these articles should help you get up and running, make key decisions and plan for the future.

1. Creating a business plan

A good business plan is vital to the success of your private practice.

2. Business structure

How should your business operate? We look at self employment, full-time employment, limited companies, partnerships and community interest companies.

3. Business accounting basics

Learn how to get on top of invoicing, record-keeping and financial reports. Decide whether you need to register for VAT and how to get started with PAYE. You’ll also find some help with your expenses, your tax return and bad debts.

4. The importance of pricing

Knowing how much to charge can mean the difference between success and failure.

5. Essential services

How to get the support you need, why hiring an accountant might be one of the best decisions you ever make; how to choose the right bank account.