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Professional Issues

There are numerous professional issues that can impact you and your business. Here’s what we’ve learned from running a private practice.

1. Minimising risk

Understand the issues surrounding risk management, both for yourself and your clients. Plus, why you should appoint a therapeutic executor.

2. Quality

The importance of quality of care, and how outcome measurement and satisfaction surveys can help you maintain high standards.

3. Data protection

How to safeguard client confidentiality, some facts about the Data Protection Act and the importance of good filing practice and document management.

4. Online Therapy

Is online therapy a brave new world or minefield? And what are the options for delivering therapy online? How important is training in this area? 

5. Terms and conditions

All you need to know about terms and conditions: how to manage your fees, what you should cover in your T&Cs, and why you may want to have a therapy contract. Plus, some advice about your appointment arrangements.

6. CPD and Accreditation

Keep on top of your CPD, find out about training and get the right accreditations.