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The VA Team: Missing calls… could it be affecting your business?

22 March 2021

Are you potentially missing business opportunities? Did you know a virtual receptionist helps you never miss a business call again? In […]

How can a Virtual Assistant Service assist your business as we come out of the current lockdown?

22 March 2021

Have you considered how a Virtual Assistant can assist your business running during and after the lockdown is lifted? The […]

Unlocking lockdown as we transition into Spring

22 March 2021

Dear Members, Here in the UK as we transition into the wonderful season of spring, we can also start looking […]

5 Tips for the End Of Financial Year for Health Practices

15 March 2021

The End Of Financial Year doesn’t have to be a frantic period of wishing we’d been more organised! Instead of […]

Women’s Wellbeing: Five Achievable Steps to Calm the Overwhelm

12 March 2021

As women in today’s society we are often trying to juggle many things including impressive and successful careers, parenting, family […]

Why You Need to Allow Time for Recovery

5 March 2021

It is well established that our muscles need time to recover from exertion before we exert ourselves further. If we […]

Making the Most of Your Online Presence When You Can’t Work in Person

5 March 2021

Although the pandemic is far from over, hope is most definitely on the horizon with the vaccination programme well underway. […]

How Your Small Healthcare Practice Can Outperform the Competition

1 March 2021

Much as we’d like to pretend that our businesses exist in a bubble, the reality is that if you want […]

Is your wellbeing being affected by self-isolation?

17 February 2021

Human Givens therapist and trainer Emily Gajewski looks at our 9 emotional needs and how the Covid-19 lockdown may be […]

The Benefits of Utilising Email Marketing for Your Practice

15 February 2021

The numbers don’t lie. Reimbursements are falling across the board and healthcare professionals continue to accrue student debt at higher rates than in the […]