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Alarming rise paediatric OCD

17 June 2021

In an interview with Private Practice Hub, Dr Alison McClymont, a leading children’s mental health psychotherapist stated that there was […]

G7 Summit: What You Need to Know About the Historic Global Tax Deal.

16 June 2021

The G7 summit takes place in Cornwall this June and aims to affect how large companies are taxed. For sole […]

IR35 Tax: How Changes to how IR35 Affects Therapists

15 June 2021

Therapists working as a freelancer, under a limited company that they work for or own may find themselves stung by […]

5 Practical Ways to Improve Your Practice’s Data Security

14 June 2021

Data security has become one of the top priorities for healthcare practices, and it’s not difficult to see why. In […]

The Psychedelic Revival – New Insights

8 June 2021

Treatment resistant depression is a major depressive disorder that occurs in up to 30% of the treated major depressive disorder […]

Financial support for therapists

8 June 2021

What Support Is Out There For Therapists?  Therapy is traditionally delivered in face-to-face practice, frequently as a private business entity. […]

The 10 Things That Top Health Practitioners Mastered That Saved Their Time, Money and Sanity

1 June 2021

After speaking to thousands of practice owners and managers, we noticed a trend: There are certain aspects of running a […]

The human givens approach: needs must

20 May 2021

“It is such common sense!” This is the reaction of most people who attend any Human Givens College training courses, […]

How to use KPIs to Manage Your Health Practice

19 May 2021

Should You Get a Business Coach?

22 April 2021

Want a better work-life balance? Looking for better control over your business? Got a goal to grow your practice this […]