PO Box for private practice

Working from home? Thinking about getting a PO Box and need some advice? Read on…

PO Boxes – the good news

  • Are you worried about using your home address for your private practice? Perhaps you’re concerned about identity theft, or don’t want clients to know where you live. A PO Box will remove the need to display your home address on your business cards, stationery, correspondence, website and marketing materials.
  • A PO Box is often seen as more professional than a home address. However, this is the case for some industries more than others – think about how you would feel if you were a potential client.
  • PO Boxes will keep important documents such as tax forms and cheques safe. If you live in shared accommodation, or a building where mail is often delivered to the wrong address, a PO Box could come in handy.
  • If you’re setting up in private practice but thinking about moving house in the near future, a PO Box will mean that you don’t need to keep reprinting business cards or changing your details online.

PO Boxes – the not-so-good news

  • If you are really concerned about people getting hold of your home address, a PO Box won’t 100% solve the problem. The Post Office must give your address to anyone who writes specifically asking for it.
  • Some people view PO Boxes with distrust. They might think that you have something to hide by not showing your address. So, far from looking professional, a PO Box may damage your image.
  • PO Boxes are not free – the cost for six months standard service is £105 and the cost for twelve months is £185. The standard service means that you have to pick the mail up from your local post office.

How to get a PO Box

If you’d like to get a PO Box for your therapy business, or if you have any questions, visit the PO Box section on the Royal Mail website.