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Description and features

If you have trouble switching off at night, or maybe you’re looking to enhance your meditation practice or upgrade your power naps, the SilentMode PowerMask might be a wise investment. The PowerMask helps combat the stresses of modern life by isolating you from the outside world. It’s like a sensory deprivation tank in miniature!

The PowerMask is a wraparound facemask with a built-in audio system that you connect to the Breathonics app on your phone.

Feature-wise, the PowerMask has a memory foam core that adapts to your facial shape. The wide, adjustable band wraps comfortably around the face with deep hollows for the eye and eyelashes, allowing for REM sleep. Covering the foam is high-quality Japanese microfibre that provides true blackout. 

The PowerMask comes in sizes M-L to fit 24.8in – 63cm (hat size 7 ¾) and L-XL to fit 26.3in – 67cm (hat size 8 ¼). The velcro closing allows for some wiggle room.

The built-in Bluetooth speakers should last for 24 hours between charges. They also attach with velcro allowing you to position them directly over the ears, or move them to the side if it’s more comfortable when you’re napping. 

Because the mask is modular, it’s washable. The manufacturer includes a washing bag, so you can remove the inner eye mask, put it in the bag and wash on, or below a 30° heat.  Don’t wash the outer mask that has electronic parts.

Unlike some other products on the market, the Powermask isn’t an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) device; rather, it’s passive noise isolation. You connect to the unique Breathonic app content on your phone and block out the world.

The Breathonics app features breathing and nap tutorials and proprietary soundscapes with immersive frequencies that help you drift off to sleep. The app offers focus, relax and powernap modes. Once you’ve set up an account, you can enter the typical time you wake and sleep. The app then suggests when you should nap. Nifty eh?

Background science

The co-founder of Silent Mode, Bradley Young, has said they are on a mission to train the world in the art of relaxation. Their website boasts that the PowerMask can elevate you to peak state so you can become a peak human. That’s quite the claim! 

The PowerMask helps with breathwork, rest and napping. Let’s explore these benefits in further detail.


The way we breathe impacts our mental and physical wellbeing. Meditation and breathing exercises like the Breathonics “Power Up” harness the power of breathing techniques to boost cognitive function and health.

Regular breathing is shallow and uses the chest. When you take a deep, stomach expanding breath, the lower ribs move outwards and cause the diaphragm to contract. The entire lungs fill with oxygen, ramping up blood flow and oxygenation, leaving you feeling energised.

Breathonics combines modern music, guided breathing and science-based soundscapes to train the nervous system. Deep breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, slowing the heart rate and lowering stress hormones.

Performance napping and deep sleep

The PowerMask blocks all visual distractions so your brain can calm down. We are bombarded with sensory information constantly, most of which we tune out without realising. When our minds are racing, we can’t sleep.

Not only that, but light has dramatic effects on sleep. It influences melatonin and sleep-wake cycles. This is why it can be difficult to sleep in the day. The PowerMask blocks out all light, plus allows your eyes the freedom to move meaning deep REM sleep can happen.

Silentmode developed the “Napinness algorithm” using a combination of data points from sleeping hours, wake up times and desired outcomes to train your body to switch off and learn how to nap on demand. Understanding your circadian rhythm and sleep patterns means you can customise your naps schedule to optimise the benefits.
The Breathonics app uses 5 to 15-minute mind workouts that help you to clear the mind and control your breathing, both which contribute to quality rest and make napping and drifting off to sleep easier.  You can relax and enjoy the Psychoacoustic soundscapes developed in collaboration with leading sleep science coaches.

Using the PowerMask by SilentMode

Being a self-confessed workaholic means I’m always on the lookout for products to help me wind down after a long slog at work. A situation amplified by this year’s unique challenges!

The ability to switch-off is a skill. Training your mind to do so effectively requires time and dedication. When setting up the PowerMask, SilentMode advises new users to keep the app’s icon on your phone’s home screen. It’s sound advice considering it takes time to build new habits. 

You can’t use the device straight out of the box as it needs a few hours of initial charging. All the more time for the suspense to build! 

I first used the device after a typically intense and unforgiving Monday at work. As I’m a big fan of technology products, I appreciated the well-made, good quality, soft fabric that fitted snugly over my eyes. For those of us with large (read bowling ball!) sized heads, it’s a bonus that the mask comes in different sizes.

I opted to start with a 4 minute “Power Down” session, which is a guided breathing exercise to a background of relaxing music. It comes with two free exercises, but if you want more, you must upgrade. 

Music, audiobooks and podcasts

Another great feature is the device acts as glorified headphones, so that you can listen to music, audiobooks or podcasts in comfort. My pre-bed routine consists of dedicated bath time, followed by meditation in front of a red light machine. The PowerMask mask might well earn a spot at the high table. 

Typically, I also meditate in the mornings but do find the practice challenging as I’m more easily distracted. However, when I used the PowerMask for a “Power Up” session before work, I found the mask helped me maintain concentration on the breathing exercises. You have no choice when you can’t open your eyes! 

I’m not new to these types of devices. I’ve used other applications such as Calm, Headspace, and the Muse Headband, which are great in their own right and certainly have their uses, but the PowerMask excels as it’s fully immersive. You focus on nothing else except your breathing. 

After using this device for a few days, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough for those looking for a meditation aid or support. I’m a massive advocate of daily meditation, but it’s all too easy to be led astray when life gets in the way. Personally, I find my meditation routine is the first thing to suffer when I’m having a particularly bad day or week. 

The PowerMask was an antidote to losing focus on positive consciousness habits. Given the year we’re having, anything that promotes positive daily mindfulness practices could make a real difference to our general health and wellbeing. 

How can the PowerMask by SilentMode help practitioners and their clients?

The PowerMask could be especially useful to those struggling with meditation practice. This includes people with ADHD or anyone lacking in the ability to focus and stay still while they meditate. 

It will also help to reinforce habits for people who want to make mindfulness practise part of their routine.

Together, the PowerMask and Breathonics app promote sound napping and sleep, which is essential for:

  • Elevating mood
  • Improving accuracy
  • Boosting creativity
  • Increasing alertness
  • Reducing stress
  • Making better decisions

The PowerMask is a powerful bit of kit for people living busy lives who struggle to find the headspace and calm to de-stress and relax. It offers a solution for power naps that some people wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy.

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