How to protect your clients and practice with the Purifas™ FaceShield™


The Purifas™ FaceShield™ is a form of PPE that protects the face hole of a therapy couch. It incorporates bacterial filtration, proven to filter 40% of infectious bacteria from the client and the couch. It is the only form of PPE to incorporate an internal skirt to cover the inside of the face hole.

We put the Purifas™ FaceShield™ to the test, assessing the level of protection, client comfort, and ease of use.

Description and features

The Purifas™ FaceShield™ is a soft 2-ply sheet designed for use on a therapy table. It is suitable for use as PPE in massage clinics, beauty salons, naturopathy clinics, physiotherapy clinics, chiropractor clinics and osteopathic clinics. The sheet is designed to cover the face hole area of the couch, providing a waterproof, bacteria-resistant barrier between the client’s face and the couch itself. 

The face shield is made of 2 ply polypropylene, a non-toxic material which is 100% recyclable and can be disposed of within normal recycling waste. The face shields are sold in packs of 100 in a dispenser box for ease of use. 

Background science

The Purifas™ FaceShield™ has been proven to provide bacterial filtration. It is the only form of PPE to incorporate an internal skirt, fully covering the inside of the face hole, and is suitable for any healthcare and therapy setting. Use of the FaceShield™ will reduce the transmission and contact of infectious diseases from one customer to the next, offering protection to both clients and practitioners. 

The water-repellent composition of the FaceShield™ creates a hydrophobic barrier which reduces the transmission of droplet bacteria. The internal skirt protects the client’s mucosal surfaces (eyes, nose and mouth) from infectious bacteria.

The Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of the FaceShield™ filtered 40% of bacteria in standard clinical conditions.

Figure 1: No FaceShield™ used
  Figure 2: FaceShield™ used

The FaceShield™ filters bacteria transmitted in both directions, protecting the couch against infected agents passed from the client, and protecting the client from any particles already on the couch.

Using the Purifas™ FaceShield™ will offer your clients maximum PPE protection against infectious agents, optimising the safety of your practice and creating a safe working environment for yourself. 

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Using the Purifas™ FaceShield™

I am a Complementary Therapist and offer massage and reflexology treatments to my clients. These therapies focus on relaxation, mainly to help with anxiety and stress. My clients are mostly women ranging in age from early 20s to late 80s.  

I am always looking for ways to improve a treatment session, experimenting with new products or services. Trialling a new product, such as the Purifas™ FaceShield™, is a great opportunity to bring something new into the clinic to enhance my clients’ experience.

So, with the clinic set up, I was ready to use the FaceShield™. The product comes inside a dispenser box. A leaflet inside the box details “Instructions For Use” and states that the FaceShield™ is compatible with all massage bed types. For best results, the leaflet recommends using the FaceShield™ with a cradle cushion such as the Purifas™ FacePad™. 

For the purpose of this review, I conducted the main massage session using the FaceShield™ as PPE over the face hole in the massage couch. I also trialled the face shield on the face cradle to test the fit and comfort of the device.

The instructions for the Purifas™ FaceShield™ are as follows:
  1. Place the folded FaceShield™ over half the face hole.
  2. Open the FaceShield™ with the skirt fully aligned with the face hole.
  3. Tuck the skirt into the face hole.  

I carefully removed a folded face shield from the packaging and placed the face shield over half the face hole. I then opened the face shield and quickly adjusted the skirt into the face hole, ready to start the session.

The face shield felt soft but sturdy. It stayed in place and didn’t tear, which unfortunately does happen when using couch roll to protect the couch. It protected the cotton couch cover from the sweat, saliva or makeup stains. I feel confident that it improved hygiene practices, protecting the client and the couch. The face shield stayed in place when using both the couch hole and the horseshoe face cradle. 

How can the Purifas™ FaceShield™ help practitioners and their clients?

Practitioner perspective

With extra hygiene measures in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative to keep massage equipment clean and hygienic. Cleaning massage couches and face cradles between clients will ensure maximum protection against infectious bacteria. In addition, using a Purifas™ FaceShield™ as PPE for each new appointment will encourage confidence in the practitioner’s hygiene measures. 

If therapists have added a wipeable, fitted cover to protect their massage couch or face cradle, the hygienic barrier of the Purifas™ FaceShield™ provides an extra level of assurance and comfort.

Client perspective

“Upon entering the treatment room and seeing the extra cover on the couch, I could tell that my massage therapist had gone the extra mile regarding her health and safety precautions during the Covid pandemic. The material felt light and breathable, soft against my face – no irritation. My face didn’t become hot like it has done in the past with some of the more plastic-type coverings. It set my mind at rest and I was able to really enjoy my session, feeling comfortable during my massage”.

How likely are you to recommend this product?

Overall Rating: 9.5 / 10