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Three Things You Need To Build A Business

28 July 2021

Power Diary is an online Practice Management System for health professionals trusted by over 26,000 independent practitioners and with features […]

5 Practical Ways to Improve Your Practice’s Data Security

14 June 2021

Data security has become one of the top priorities for healthcare practices, and it’s not difficult to see why. In […]

The 10 Things That Top Health Practitioners Mastered That Saved Their Time, Money and Sanity

1 June 2021

After speaking to thousands of practice owners and managers, we noticed a trend: There are certain aspects of running a […]

How to use KPIs to Manage Your Health Practice

19 May 2021

12 Practice Management Processes to Automate

28 January 2021

Minimise the time you spend doing admin tasks with automated practice management, growing your business at the same time. Before […]

5 Errors That Almost Every Private Practice Makes (and how to avoid them)

23 September 2020

If you’ve been working as a healthcare professional for a few years, you might have thought about starting your own […]

4 ways technology can grow your business

4 Ways Technology Can Help Grow Your Private Practice

2 September 2020

In the past, many health practitioners were understandably wary of introducing technology to the client experience. Concerns ranged from ‘losing […]

5 Ways Telehealth is Improving Outcomes for Private Practice Clients [+BONUS]

3 July 2020

There’s been a lot of talk about how Telehealth can improve the experience for health practitioners working in private practice, […]

The 6 reports you need to effectively manage your practice

26 November 2019

Managing a health clinic is much more than just working hard and trying to get your team to do the […]

The most efficient way to write treatment notes

8 November 2019

Well written treatment notes are one of the keys to providing effective service and achieving the best outcomes for your […]