Calling all app developers


Apps can make an enormous difference to health economies and the ability for people to ‘self-care’. But with more than 327,000 of them on the market, the sheer scale of choice and ambiguity about standards, undermines the confidence needed to encourage their use and adoption.
In April 2018, ORCHA (the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps), ACTO and Private Practice Hub formed a partnership to help practitioners and clients gain access to the best health apps. They also aim to support app developers to get visibility and gain traction in this crowded market space. In addition, they developed a health app library to support this.
ORCHA helps people find the best apps to help them live healthier lives, avoid the development of long term conditions, and manage existing conditions.  ORCHA reviews based on their user experience, clinical efficacy and data security. They host the results on websites which can be accessed by clients and healthcare professionals. This means they know which apps are the best fit for each individual.
Under the agreement, Private Practice Hub can provide professionals with access to the app library along with an upgrade code which allows them to “prescribe” the best apps to their clients. The agreement also offers an ability for ACTO and PPH to refer app developers to ORCHA for a discounted review. This ensures the effectiveness and safety of the app, and allows it to be promoted to clinicians and service users.
In the past 18 months ORCHA has reviewed thousands of apps. These have come from SMEs, innovative clinicians, and multi-national companies such as  Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care.
Following the review of their app, Irfan Mohammed, Strategic Affairs Manager at Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care said “we are committed to continuous improvement and development of our diabetes care solutions. The feedback we received from ORCHA was invaluable, and helped us to ensure that our digital diabetes care solutions effectively supports people living with diabetes.”
Geoff Simons, CEO of Private Practice Hub said “the agreement with ORCHA provides us with the reassurance that the apps that we promote to the wider healthcare community have been validated by an organisation that is recognised by the NHS for their professionalism and clarity.  That an organisation as large and as well-renowned as Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care have engaged with ORCHA clearly illustrates the regard for ORCHA’s service.”
Liz Ashall-Payne, CEO of ORCHA states “If we are to truly empower people to use health and care apps to an extent that will impact our healthcare system, it is vital that the best possible apps are available for download.  The partnership here with ORCHA demonstrates a commitment to working with partners and app developers to strengthen the offer.”
Through the agreement with ORCHA, it is hoped that apps developed in the area of mental health will be valued and recognised for their clinical efficacy, ease of use and positive results on client care.
If you want to get your health app reviewed, included in our app library and promoted to thousands of professionals and service users, please get in touch to gain access to a discount code.