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Business bank accounts

28 November 2020

Invoicing – how to get paid

7 October 2020

How to get tough on bad debt

28 September 2020

Financial Reports

23 September 2020

There are lots, and lots, of different types of financial reports. Here are the key reports that will help you […]

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Financial support for therapists

8 June 2021

What Support Is Out There For Therapists?  Therapy is traditionally delivered in face-to-face practice, frequently as a private business entity. […]

Can I talk about you making more money?

6 September 2018

I know you might feel uncomfortable with this idea and that might mean you feel some resistance to this. I […]

Help Support StopSO

27 January 2017

The Specialist Treatment Organisation for the Prevention of Sexual Offending (StopSO) has reached out to us to ask for a […]

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