I know you might feel uncomfortable with this idea and that might mean you feel some resistance to this. I completely understand – I mean, I know I didn’t become a practitioner to make money.
What about you?
I suspect that like me, you chose your path because you wanted to help people. But it’s worth considering that whilst we do make a difference in the world with our skills, we could make an even bigger once if we had more money to use.
It might sound strange but it’s actually just the reality of the world we live in today.
In order to support charitable causes or work with people who can’t afford to pay for your services, you need to have money yourself. It’s the same reason that airlines tell you to put on your own oxygen mask first before you help anyone else. After all, you can’t give from an empty cup.
I do agree that money is not the most important thing in life. But in the world we live in, it’s right up there with oxygen. Just try getting by without it.
With this in mind, let me ask:
How are your finances?
Do you have enough to support yourself and your family?
Enough for the fun things in life like holidays, nights out, treating your family, or the car or house you want?
What about retirement?
What if something happens and you can’t work?
What happens when you’re gone?
What will you leave behind to support your loved ones and the causes you believe in?
Let me be clear. I’m not saying you can’t help or give to others if you don’t have money. What I am saying is that unless you start looking at your own finances seriously, you are at risk of not being able to do what you love for as long as you want. You’re also risking not making as big a difference as you could be making.
No matter what state your personal finances are in right now, I guarantee that they could be improved.
With this in mind, there are two key areas I would encourage you to focus on:
1.  Be clear about what you have
Unless you know where you are financially, you don’t know what you need. The most basic question to answer is how long could you survive without an income? Not a happy question – but a realistic one. What would happen if you had an accident and could no longer work? The reality is, it’s usually not as long as we might like. Which brings us to key area 2…
2.  Create more
The easiest way for most of us to create more money is by getting more clients.  But rather than getting just any client, focus on getting more of your ideal clients through the door. More of those clients you love working with who will happily pay top rate for your services.
Yes, we still want to help people who can’t afford to pay. Remember though that we can’t do that sustainably unless we have a good income ourselves.
You might ask how do you get more of your ideal clients walking through your door?
I’m covering exactly that in a free online workshop called ‘Get More Clients Now!’
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Making more money means you can make a bigger difference in the world along with security so that no matter what happens in life, you and your loved ones are OK.
I look forward to seeing you at the workshop!
Chris Lambert-Gorwyn
UK’s #1 Business Growth Expert for Practitioners and Coaches