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You go to the clinic on a Monday morning and you look at the diary, and there you see gaps, plenty of them. It may be that you have staff and it is mainly gaps in their diary and not yours, but either way there are gaps.

Then your mind turns back to marketing. What are you going to do this month or next month to bring in those new patients? Advertising, GP seminar, google ads, Facebook, newsletters etc.

But hold on… what if all that time and money was wasted?

What if you got some new patients in and then you still had gaps a month later?

What if there was a better way?

That ‘better way’ is simple. It is all about ensuring that you provide a clear pathway and gold standard of service for every single patient that walks through the door. This will mean not only that the patient has a superb outcome  and great experience but also an optimal number of sessions within your clinic.

We have worked with clinics all over the world and typically we see a huge range of retention rate (average number of sessions per client) between clinics and very often within clinics, ranging from 3 – 15+.

We are confident that by putting in place our processes,these numbers can be increased by 25% within 6 months.
Think about that for a minute… that is a 25% increase in your overall business volume without doing any marketing at all!
Not only that but why would you spend all that time and money bringing in new clients if you were only working at 75% efficiency.
“Don’t keep pouring water into your bucket if your bucket is leaking”

So how do we achieve this? It is through our 8 step Physio Business Growth Model. This model has been designed following over 30 years of analysing what the best of the best does and what makes these clinics profitable and efficient.
These 8 key pillars fall under the categories of Culture, Commercial, Clinical and Customer Service. It is only when we analyse our business in these terms that we can truly understand where the leaks are in our business and ultimately plug them.

We are passionate about helping you to improve your clinic’s profitability and enable it to run independently of you. To help with this we have created a completely free resource based on the 8 pillars mentioned above. There is over 4 hours of video content presented by John Davie Founder and CEO of Physio Business Growth that will help you immensely towards your business goal.  To access click here.

So, the next time that you see an email or a landing page offering you the latest tool, trick or hack to gain you 10 new clients per week, think about whether you have that bucket completely sealed!

This article was provided by Michael Nicol at Physio Business Growth.