How webinars can help therapists


In the midst of the current global public health crisis some businesses are having to rapidly diversify to offer support to others, or to simply manage and sustain business at all.

Measures such as social distancing and stay at home campaigns will help save lives, and at the same time present professional therapists and coaches with a new set of challenges as it makes face to face contact virtually impossible. These unprecedented times of change will undoubtedly call for a different way of working and the way in which you market your professional therapy business to engage with potential clients.

A Webinar is a live online meeting or presentation. You can see and hear the host, but they cannot see or hear you. During the live session, you can interact with the host simply by typing in the comments box, this becomes visible to the host and other participants, giving the host an opportunity to address your comment live on air.

There are many benefits to both hosting and attending a webinar, and here we share 5 top reasons to attend a webinar:-

  1. Convenience – webinars can be viewed from anywhere using either a computer, tablet or mobile device and an internet connection. No travelling required!
  2. Relevant Topics – you attend webinars with subjects of interest
  3. Training (CPD) – keep updated with industry knowledge
  4. Expert Knowledge – access to professional industry experts
  5. Affordability – cost effective, no travel fees, free to attend, opportunity to participate and network with large audiences all across the world

Dr Neil Thompson from CaringBusinessBuilder, a former university professor, has been an independent writer, educator and adviser for over 23 years now. He is an expert in communication and marketing, and understands how people in caring professions struggle to transition and operate in a competitive business environment having to ‘sell themselves’.

Join Neil in his free webinar on Wednesday 22nd April 2020 at 2pm where he will be talking and answering your questions about how caring professionals can positively market their business more effectively. Watch the webinar on Facebook Live by following Neil or just click on his page on the day.