Reconciling a caring professions background with a business mindset is difficult. In this era of privatisation more and more people are self-employed, facing the major challenges of running their own business. For people whose careers began in public service as an employee, making the adjustment to being your own boss in a competitive business environment is extremely challenging. We can really struggle with marketing – selling yourself is not something that comes easily to people whose primary motivation is to offer care and support. Marketing can feel very uncomfortable, time consuming and frustrating

There are two main options: DIY or DFY. DIY means you work on the marketing tasks yourself and hope you get it right. DFY means having that work done for you by a professional team. With the DFY option, you can focus on what matters to you without any of the hassles of managing your own marketing.

A subscription to CaringBusinessBuilder works out at just £5 +VAT per day, a small sum you should easily be able to recoup by the time and personal energy gained from not having to do the work yourself. For just £150 per month you get a beautiful, fast-loading website, local search engine optimisation and our powerful social media system.

It’s very simple and very effective. To begin with, we work with you to clarify what your website needs to say – what your key marketing messages are. We then build the site and tweak it as necessary. As part of that process, we make sure that the site is optimised to attract as much local traffic as possible, thereby contributing to increasing your referral rate. And, finally, our social media system ensures a regular flow of postings on Facebook and Twitter, boosting your visibility and increasing your chances of making an impact. What it boils down to is clarifying what marketing messages you need to put out there and then making sure those messages are communicated as effectively as possible to the people who matter.

Find out more at at: Start with the free course on Running a Caring Professions Business available there. Written by leading author, Dr Neil Thompson, it is based on his experience of making the conversion from being an employee to running his own business as a caring professional.

Why struggle when you can pay professionals to do it, freeing you up to do what you do best and what you enjoy most? Your efforts are better devoted to providing your professional services.