In this ever changing world, face to face contact with people outside your own household is restricted. We are forced to adapt and accept a new norm and this may call for a different way of working to engage with clients and hold meetings.

That means thinking outside the box and coming up with new ways of working. The whole global economy may change as a result of this, and the businesses that will come out of this successfully will no doubt be the ones that take stock, look at how to do things differently and adapt to these changing times.

If you find yourself in a state of flux wondering just how you can adapt and do things differently in your therapy business, consider using a free software tool such as Zoom. It’s basically an online telephone system, but with both audio and visual functionality which provides you with a unique opportunity to engage and be present both in your business and with family or friends … it’s a one size fits all kind of tool!

It’s easy to use with plenty of quick tutorials or daily live training sessions available on the Zoom website. Helpful video guides from third party users can also be found on YouTube.

Have some fun playing around with Zoom, try it out on your family and friends first if that helps you overcome your shyness.

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