To minimise risks of exposing patients to COVID-19, around70,000 physiotherapists in the UK alone are being asked to adopt remoteconsultations. Already growing in popularity, physiotherapy apps are now avital tool for physiotherapists to improve patient outcomes.

Apps can be used effectively to help in assessment,treatment compliance, monitoring of symptoms, or self-management of conditions,improving a patient’s physical and mental health.

As world leaders in digital health ORCHA is passionate aboutgood apps. They help governments, health and social care organisations chooseand deliver health apps that will safely make the biggest impact in terms ofimproving outcomes. Their tools help health professionals prescribe and monitorusage of health apps. They’re proven to increase take-up and self-management ofconditions.

We share below, some of ORCHA’s useful tools and expert advice based upon theirview from the front line:-

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) recentlylaunched a PhysiotherapyApp Library to enable its 59,000 members to take a leadership role inincorporating digital technology in their practice.

In ORCHA’slatest featured video hear Karen Middleton, Chief Executive Officer, CSP,and Euan McComiskie, UK Health Informatics Lead and Professional Advisor forNorthern Ireland at CSP, discuss how apps can help as part of assessment,treatment compliance, monitoring symptoms, and allowing people to self-manage.

Two apps for remote physiotherapy

On behalf of NHS organisations, ORCHA assesses more appsthan anyone else, looking at clinical assurance, safety, data privacy and userexperience. Below are two top scoring apps that are designed to help withphysiotherapy. 

GPEPPhysiotherapy Exercises has been designed with the help of NHS GPs andphysiotherapists with the aim of bringing users access to self-help advice fromprofessionals, enabling users with back, muscle and joint conditions to starttheir recovery early. GPEP’s ORCHA Review can be found here.

AfterTraumaprovides information on both the physical and emotional impacts of seriousinjury, and has been co-designed with serious injury survivors, carers, doctorsand therapists. The app is set up to help users rebuild their lives. ReadAfterTrauma’s ORCHA Review here.

News: Free COVID-19 Health App Formulary

This week, ORCHA launched a free COVID-19 health and care app formulary, so that health andcare professionals, and consumers, can find quality apps to helpself-management of health and wellbeing, remote monitoring, and online servicedelivery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

ORCHA is offering its Pro Accounts free to all for the nextthree months, allowing health and care professionals to recommend apps directlyto patients via text or email, for free. This service will be available forfree from 6th April to 6th July 2020, at which time ORCHA will reassess thesituation. To get your free three month ORCHA Pro Account: visit the site,click the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top right-hand corner, and use the upgradecode BEATCOVID19. 

Visit the site and discover apps to help you, your patients,or your service users, at

If you already have an ORCHA Pro Account linked to yourorganisation’s Health & Care App Library, you will also be able to see theapps featured in the COVID-19 Formulary. The relevant apps will feature a clear‘COVID-19’ banner in your Library.

ORCHA is part of the NHS England National Innovation Accelerator Programme. Our vision is to revolutionise care through the safe integration of digital health solutions into all aspects of health and care services, leading to more patient-centred, effective care. You can now search ORCHA’s App Library by simply going to or

ORCHA provides tailored microsites and prescription services, and helps organisations across the world to integrate health and care apps safely into practice. To find out how ORCHA can help you, please get in touch.