In today’s climate, marketing your practice has never been more important. With this in mind the team at WriteUpp have created a practical and highly actionable 35 page eBook to help you grow your practice by marketing it more effectively.

In this 30-40 minute read you’ll get answers to questions like:

  • How do I raise awareness of my practice in my local area?
  • How do I generate more online demand? 
  • How do I boost client numbers when there just aren’t enough enquiries coming in?
  • How can my existing clients help me spread the word about my practice?

It kicks off by covering some of the basics of marketing and then digs into the importance of research and REALLY knowing who you’re targeting. It provides some useful tools like mapping the client journey

and performing market research using conventional methods with freely available tools like Google’s Keyword Planner.

There’s advice on how to define your marketing strategy and just as importantly how to measure your success.

The core of the article then focuses on specific tactics that you can adopt to execute your marketing strategy, including:

  • Your Website – Why is it important and why should it be the cornerstone of your online presence?
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – A brief rundown of what it is, why it’s important and the simple things you can do (at no cost) to improve your ranking.
  • Content Marketing – Tips on how to create content that will demonstrate your expertise and authority in your specific area of expertise.
  • Social Media – Ethical considerations of using social media along with the do’s and don’ts that will help to avoid wasting time on ineffective usage of social media.
  • Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising – The guide explains how to get started and the calculations you need to make to ensure that it’s financially viable for you.
  • Email Marketing – Guidance on how to use email to get your message across to your target audience and the kind of content that you should include in your email newsletter.
  • Reputation Management – Reviews are more important than ever. Includes advice on how to encourage your clients to provide and how to react to them, both positive and negative.
  • Online Directories – A brief explanation of what they and the specialities where they seem to be more effective.
  • Client Word-of-Mouth – You can’t directly impact but the guide provides a process for ensuring that you stand the best possible chance of getting positive word-of-mouth.
  • Employee Word-of-Mouth – Tips on how to ensure that your team are your loudest and proudest cheerleaders.
  • Print – How to produce quick, effective print material to promote your practice.
  • Media & News Coverage – Top tips on getting picked up by newspapers, TV, radio and other broadcast channels.
  • Community Events & Talks – Advice on how to share your expertise in your local community and amongst your target audience.
  • Local/Industry Awards – How to find them and what to apply for.
  • Sponsorships – Important considerations when contemplating sponsorship.
  • Online Networking – Which social media platforms to use and the importance of tailoring your strategy to each platform.
  • Offline Networking – Where to focus your effort and what you’ll need to do maximise the return on your time. 

To read the full unabridged article click on the link below:

Healthcare Marketing: A Complete Overview for Private Practitioners (2020)