The strength, resilience and resourcefulness of the therapy community is inspiring. Over the past few months, as we’ve got to know you more we’ve heard how you are discovering new and improved ways to deliver your services. Hopefully, we may be witnessing a positive transformation. 

The silver lining to the big changes that are happening all around us at the moment is that we all have to embrace new ways of managing our businesses remotely, making them far more sustainable in the process. We understand how daunting this will be for most of you and we will continue to work tirelessly to deliver the support you need during this time. 

As COVID-19 cases grow rapidly across the whole of the UK and in other countries we now find ourselves in the midst of a second national lockdown. From the 5 November the government imposed further new national lockdown restrictions to help control the spread of the virus. The  new regulations have meant that some businesses and venues have been required to close. Has your business been affected by the restrictions?

The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) consulted with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and issued the following update: “If you are a qualified member of the FHT and providing a therapy service to support a client who has a physical or mental health condition or injury, and this is clearly indicated in their consultation form, it is the FHT’s understanding that this could be defined as offering a ‘health service’. As every therapy business is different, if you would like to seek further clarification from your local health authority about whether it is appropriate for you to continue working at this time, please do so”. You can read the full statement on the FHT website. 

There has been a major development recently and we are now even closer to finding a Covid vaccine. Scientists have developed the first effective vaccine and early results showed it could prevent 90% of people from contracting Covid. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said the NHS will be ready to roll out the new coronavirus vaccine from December if it gets approved. 

The vaccine is one of just a few coronavirus vaccines undergoing final phases of testing. It is not yet known how many people will need to be vaccinated in order for life to return to normal but it could quite possibly be the most wanted Christmas gift this year for some. Health correspondent Laura Foster gives a more detailed report on the Covid vaccine. Let us know how you feel about receiving a vaccine for Christmas.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) provide some excellent resources for remote working individuals and professionals. Address your Stress has been created as a toolkit for tackling stress and consists of simple self-care tips, understanding your stress container, and a weekly wellbeing check-up.

Realising how important it is to stay connected during these unprecedented and uncertain times the Frazzled Cafe offer online Cafe meetings, hosting peer support meetings using a virtual meeting room and you are invited to join them.

Being a business owner can bring many benefits but now more than ever it is important to take care of your own health and wellbeing. Enterprise Nation runs many online events providing expert advice and support for small business owners including a Small Business Owners Christmas Market! As part of their Heads Up campaign they encourage people to ‘find their tribe’ at local meet-ups (Coronavirus restrictions permitting) where valuable connections are made. Over 30 amazing Local Leaders host monthly sessions for founders in their own areas, offering the opportunity to network with other like-minded souls and meet experts and advisers who can offer help along the way. Find your local meet-up here. 

As always, together with all professional bodies we encourage members to keep an eye on Government, NHS and Public Health England pages for regular updates as events unfold. Information is frequently added and updated. Keep yourself up to date by signing up to receive email updates and business support.

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