In a space of only five months, myself and the team at PPH have worked hard to modernise our infrastructure and build upon the fantastic work that Geoff Simons was able to achieve over the last 7 years.  I am really pleased to announce the launch of our new look website. As CEO, I always find December a great month to take stock, reflecting on the year’s achievements, failures and successes. When running any business, it’s vital to give yourself the time and space to take a step back and look at everything objectively. 

Running a business (such as your own) within the healthcare industry can be even more challenging, as you have the pressure of managing the health of your clients. You may want to work reduced hours for a week or so before Christmas, or you can do what I do and use 27th December to 2nd January as a time for quiet reflection and peaceful, unforced planning for the year ahead. I find this stop gap between Christmas and the New Year one of my favourite times as a business owner. We are in total control of our destiny and this is a great opportunity to reconnect with that feeling of freedom that all business owners should have. 

Navigating a Business Through the Pandemic

This year has been monumentally challenging for all business owners. It has tested us in ways we have not experienced before. However, we have found the strength, resolve and courage to adapt to ever changing circumstances – adaptability being one of the hallmarks of lasting success. 

I recall the beginning of the pandemic and how challenging it was to change the entire infrastructure of my business. This was a complex task, given that it involves managing data. The first few months were very tough on my mental health. I decided to move from London to Scotland (where I am from originally!) to help me cope with the pressures. I knew this pandemic would rumble on for a good 12-18 months and I saw it as a nice opportunity to be around my family and friends. Changing my environment was a godsend. It opened my mind enough to realise the opportunity of taking over The Private Practice Hub. Without making those early changes, I may not have seen the opportunity as clearly as I did, and I would not be writing this post right now! 

My Experience as an Entrepreneur

My journey as an entrepreneur started 8 years ago. I have to confess my total ignorance and naivety as to how hard and complex it was going to be. I knew healthcare could and should be better: I was hell bent on doing my part in making it happen. The new PPH website is the tenth product I have built over the years. I am very grateful for all of these business ventures, as my journey has given me the necessary tools to build a highly complex website in under 6 weeks! It took me a good five years to master the art of building technology. 

I self funded my first few products whilst I worked full time in the hospital. I ploughed all of my savings and my entire hospital salary into the business for four years. Those days were an absolute slog and significantly tested my resolve. The temptation to take a straightforward path to financial security was always present in the back of my mind. Those thoughts sometimes plague me to this day! However, my goal to change the healthcare industry always came out on top. 

I firmly believe that the key to success is having a strong purpose, a mission that acts as your north star. What I do is absolutely everything to me. It gives me a sense of purpose and helps me navigate the most difficult of times. Not having a strong enough why is the main reason the vast majority of founders quit in the first 2 years of taking that leap of faith to build something they believe in. When budding entrepreneurs ask me what they need to do in order to get started, I tell them the following: 

There is no difference between you and I. The only difference is that I know exactly what my purpose is. It means so much to me that I fight for it everyday. So, find your purpose and make sure it’s worth fighting for everyday.

My Motivation for Taking Over PPH

The decision to take over PPH was guided entirely by my inner voice – what they call a “gut feeling”. At the time, I knew it would be crazy to double or triple my workload during such global unrest. However, my north star was guiding me – the voice inside was telling me that if I could bring these two entities together, the outcome would be a gamechanger for the industry. My goal was always to help improve the knowledge and understanding of all forms of complementary, alternative and new innovative forms of healthcare. My own purpose is to help everyone find the right path when it comes to their healthcare. We are living in a time whereby you can make really informed decisions when booking a hotel, restaurant or flight. But why not when it comes to healthcare? 

The launch of this website is a very special moment for me personally. Reflecting on the year, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to take over PPH. I’m grateful for the determination to make my vision a reality in such a short period of time. I am also grateful for the team at PPH who are absolutely fantastic. They have helped ensure we deliver on our promises.

My Message to Healthcare Business Owners

During times like this, my message is to never forget why you became health practitioners or business owners. Never forget who you are and why you have reached this stage in life. Take time to reflect thisWith so much “noise” around, it is very easy to lose sight of this. Our inner voice can be easily drowned out by the problems of the world around us. The first few weeks of the pandemic incredibly challenging for me, as I lost just that – my inner voice. I started journaling every day, a practice that historically led to the discovery of my ‘why’ – my values and sense of purpose. I am pleased to say that I have continued to journal every day. In addition, I have also committed to doing a regular vlog to modernise the way in which I deliver my messages to you. Stay tuned! 

We are in the middle of a recession and the year ahead will be a great challenge for us all. But the good news is that healthcare has consistently remained “recession proof.”. The entire world is now focusing on their health, as well as the health of their families. There is a significant opportunity to capitalise on this positive trend and boost the wellbeing of the population. All of the updates we have made to PPH are designed to help you thrive within the modern health and wellbeing industry.

Community is Key

With this in mind, we should all be grateful that we now have one another. We cannot do this without your support and I hope you can see enough value in what we are doing to feel the same way! Together, we will take this industry to the next level. We are here to redefine and empower the business of wellbeing; if we trust one another and start working collaboratively, we can be a real force for good . 

The new world we have created at PPH is geared towards connecting diverse products, therapies and health practices with mainstream health services. The more that you support this cause and engage with what we are doing, the faster this process can happen!

So, do your business a favour and spend some quiet moments over the holidays, reflecting on who you are and why you do what you do. Join me and enjoy this time to ensure you kick off the new year with a winning mindset! 

For more information on any of the topics discussed above, or if you have a product or service you would like us to showcase and review, please email us.

Dr Adam Read
CEO Private Practice Hub

Empowering the Business of Wellbeing