Are you potentially missing business opportunities? Did you know a virtual receptionist helps you never miss a business call again?

In this new virtual work with emails, texts and social media being the modern phenomenon, why is the phone call so important? If you are saying to yourself that “almost everyone is working from home, so they know things are now online“, that is not an excuse when it comes to business.

There are many people now feeling alone, living alone, and phone calls are one of the most beneficial communication channels you as a business can offer when it comes to customer service. Phone calls connect people in real-time and when there is a decision to make, people tend to prefer voice communication to any other.

These days it is so easy to put an email on the backburner and reply at a later date or time, but once that phone stops ringing, you’ve potentially missed your opportunity for new business, maybe that call was your next big customer! According to research, businesses lose around £90 million a year due to missed calls.

How much do you think your business is losing?

Just think of it this way: if you miss 2 calls per week, that could be 104 potential customers missed each year. Even if only half of those were new customers, you have still lost out on 52 chances of making a profit.

You probably assume that these customers will just call back, but why would they when another service picks up before the third ring. Approximately 85% of customers whose calls go unanswered, will not call back.

When a customer calls your business, this really is their first impression of you as a company. If you do not answer, how do you think this comes across?

Thankfully, at the VA Team we have a solution to avoid all the above. You can even have multiple options to what your next steps could be, such as:

Telephone answering services:

    •  Using this service helps your company almost look bigger than it is. And calls are never missed!

Temporary cover: 

    • This is ideal for peak times or if you are having busy periods. Diverting your calls to our call answering service during busy periods or just during a meeting, ensures your calls will not be missed.

Virtual receptionist: 

    Our virtual presence in your company, even when you have an actual receptionist is a great way to give a strong first impression to your customers calling. Also extremely cost effective.

Your business does not have to suffer when there are numerous flexible options available at The VA Team, an award-winning team, answering your next missed calls.

If this article has sparked a few questions, why not book a discovery calls and together, as your partner in your business, we will ensure that you never have to miss a call again.

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