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When it comes to building an evidence base, we are by no means re-inventing the wheel. Outcome tracking has been around for decades but is fundamentally flawed in that it brings no additional value to health professionals, to patients as well as not being legally accessible by surrounding stakeholders.

The Short Assessment of Patient Satisfaction (SAPS) is a short, reliable and valid seven item scale that can be used to assess patient satisfaction with their treatment. In 2006 (Hawthorne 2006, Hawthorne et al., 2006) a study was undertaken to examine a number of the leading patient satisfaction measures with urinary incontinence patients. The items from all these patient satisfaction scales were pooled and the SAPS was developed by selecting the items with best measurement properties and the most comprehensive coverage of the domains of patient satisfaction. The SAPS consists seven items assessing the core domains of patient satisfaction which include treatment satisfaction, explanation of treatment results, clinician care, participation in medical decision making, respect by the clinician, time with the clinician, and satisfaction with hospital/clinic care. The SAPS is a generic measure of patient satisfaction. Although it was developed and validated in continence settings it can be used in any service settings with any treatment group. This means patient satisfaction scores in different treatment settings can be compared. With only 7 items the SAPS is short and simple to use and score. Most patients will only take a minute to complete it.

Why Use a Standardised Measure of Client Satisfaction for Private Health Businesses?

In doing so, we are collectively using the same yardstick to assess all private clients. The use of such measures can provide effective feedback to practitioners concerning the client’s view of the effectiveness of their treatments, and can assist in identifying ways to improve practice and to address client concerns. It is also useful information to demonstrate the effectiveness of your service to new prospective clients. 

Helping You Make Informed Buying Decisions

Our aim is to objectify our marketplace listings by distributing a consumer satisfaction survey to the products, services and organisations that we partner with. As well as the SAPs satisfaction questionnaire, our surveys are anonymous and undergo rigorous data quality checks before being added to the corresponding marketplace profiles.

Understanding Your Needs 

Your views are critical in helping to inform our articles, research and service improvements.

Each month we survey our members to ensure our service is as relevant and helpful as possible. We then use the information gathered to inform our online content, marketplace listings and industry campaign work.

Shaping a Better Health Service for Tomorrow 

Our mission is to support the development and understanding of all forms of complementary health treatments, services and products that can support people with chronic health conditions or those looking to personalise their health journeys.

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