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Our philosophy is that health practitioners should have the freedom to focus on what they love doing most. Helping their clients lead a better life. Our mission is to ensure that your journey in becoming a successfully operating private practice is Fast and Easy.

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Our directory is custom made to ensure that clients can easily find local or global therapists. Include your contact information, web address. Fast and easy communication.

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Unlike most directories where you can give only a brief description of your service. With us, you can communicate your experience to clients in nuance.

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Because we want to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance, we’ll give you the option to pay on a monthly or yearly basis.

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We understand that running your own practice can be downright grueling and exhausting. But it really doesn’t have to be.

With our guidance, you’ll be able to focus on the amazing work that you do, while operating your business.

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Starting a new private practice?

Whether you’re starting a new clinic or looking to expand and grow your existing private practice, we are the leading experts in helping you accomplish any business goal

What About Expertise?

Adam Read profile image
Adam Read – CEO & Editor

Hi, my name is Adam, I’ve worked as a surgical doctor in the NHS for 8 years before committing to studying towards a Masters in Sports Medicine.

The intensity of the study and training throughout my medical career has been challenging but undoubtedly fulfilling.

Now as a technology founder and CEO, I can tell you that running a business presents its own host of challenges that are difficult to overcome alone. 

The thing is, while both technology and the health industries are experiencing exponential growth as the internet of things intersect…

the private practice field is lagging behind… severely.

We are different because we really listen to our members and build solutions that really meet their needs. After understanding that over 55% of our members have trouble marketing their practices online, we are pleased to be launching three new packages aimed at helping you reach the modern health consumer online (and not break the bank whilst doing so!)

We’ll be With You Every Step of the Way

We realise that the most difficult part of every journey is the beginning. It can be uncomfortable and you may feel like you’re going in blind. We’re here to ensure that your journey isn’t a solo one.

One of Our Team Members Will Be by Your Side.

Our Community Managers of the Private Practice Hub Directory, support therapists every step of the way when they join. To get in touch with us you can email us at

Community administrators are how we ensure that you’re in good hands and are always looked after. The last thing we want is for you to sign up and feel like you’re stranded.  We’ve really put a lot into creating something that we truly believe can impact the world, at least in our own significant way. This community has been built for you to thrive as a private practice owner.

New or growing, Big or Small – we’re looking to take your private practice to the next level. Join now to ensure you have a successful practice where you serve your clients better.

What Our Members Say


What is The Private Practice Hub Directory?

The Private Practice Hub Directory is one of the largest directories of therapists in the UK. Therapists can choose to pay a membership fee to create their listing, but it’s completely free for the public to search our directory for a therapist

Which types of therapists are listed here?

Hundreds of therapies are listed, from psychology to osteopathy, physiotherapy to hypnotherapy. We’ve worked hard to make the Private Practice Hub Directory the leading directory of therapists in the UK and so we have tried to include as many types as possible

What’s the difference between memberships?

Membership for therapists is simple, choose whether to pay a monthly or annual fee to create a professional listing. Each membership level has exciting and unique benefits to help your listing get noticed.

How do I join the the Private Practice Hub Directory?

To join the Private Practice Hub Directory, simply visit this page, choose the membership level you wish and the monthly or yearly option. Once selected, you will be taken to a page to input your information and sign up.

How does the ratings and review system work?

It is our goal to create a reliable review system so that client’s can make informed healthcare decisions. We will be encouraging our members to issue a Short Assessment of Patient Satisfaction (SAPS) questionnaire. SAPS is a short and reliable seven-item scale that can be used to assess client satisfaction with their treatment.

We distribute the SAPS questionnaire to practitioners, who will then circulate this to their clients. These surveys are anonymous and undergo rigorous data quality checks before being added to the corresponding Private Practice Hub Directory listing.

We have inbuilt measures in place to ensure all our surveys are completed properly. Any indication of practitioner foul play with regards to these surveys will ensure the practitioner is removed from the service.

How will potential clients get in touch with me?

Within your listing you can include your email address, phone number and link to your personal website so potential clients can choose how to contact you by whichever method they feel most comfortable with. At the bottom of your listing is also a contact box that clients can fill in and this will be sent straight to your email address.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership you need to give us 30 days notice, please email us informing us that you wish to cancel your membership. We shall then cancel your membership after 30 days from the date of your email, your listing will be removed on the date that you have paid up until (unless you tell us otherwise).

Annual memberships will automatically renew and 30 days cancellation notice is necessary. However in line with a cooling off period, if you email us within two weeks of your automatic renewal payment being taken then we will give you a partial refund minus a cancellation/administration fee of £6.25.

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