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Financial support for therapists

8 June 2021

What Support Is Out There For Therapists?  Therapy is traditionally delivered in face-to-face practice, frequently as a private business entity. […]


The COVID Diaries – The Lockdown Creates Twists and Turns

1 December 2020

Another week of big changes for therapist Anne-Marie With new lockdown rules, COVID-19 scares and appointment cancellations, we catch up […]

The Relevance of Being Relevant

24 November 2020

As you all know, placing our practitioners first and providing relevant, engaging content is the core of our new strategy. […]

9 ways to manage your time as a private practitioner

24 November 2020

The support you provide your clients lies at the heart of the work you do as a private practitioner. A […]

Which social media platform should you be using to market your private practice?

24 November 2020

Social media is an invaluable marketing tool for your practice, driving traffic to your website and ultimately increasing your caseload. […]


COVID-19 bulletin – November 2020

16 November 2020

The strength, resilience and resourcefulness of the therapy community is inspiring. Over the past few months, as we’ve got to […]


The COVID diaries – big changes

13 November 2020

We catch up with Anne-Marie to see how she is getting on with the new COVID rules and regulations Monday […]

Let’s thrive not just survive!

3 November 2020

Article by Wendy Radford owner of Radford Holistic Therapies Thrive Versus Survive Ideas as to how to navigate this world […]


Strengthening our sense of community

29 October 2020

Dear All,  As we move into more uncertainty for our personal and professional lives with tighter social distancing restrictions being […]

Your NOAH Review

A new video app to help market your practice

26 October 2020

Video is such a vital marketing tool for your practice – make sure you’re not missing out on potential clients […]