Do you ever feel like we’re living in a “mad world”? Change is happening so fast: the way different generations communicate; expectations from work; juggling ever increasing demands on our time and resources.
Ambitions have never been greater. But stress is running high, burnout is now recognised as a condition by the World Health Organisation, and concerns are mounting for the next generation entering the workforce.
Supporting mental health and wellbeing is increasingly a top priority for business leaders. Even more so as, thanks to high profile campaigns such as the Royal Family’s Heads Together Campaign, more people are feeling able to talk openly about their mental health.
In addition, today’s top talent is demanding better mental health support and innovative strategies to address wellbeing. Employers are recognising that they must be prepared to redefine workplace culture and adopt solutions that support mental health and wellbeing.
We created the Mad World Summit to accelerate this shift from stigma to solutions. We believe that taking a proactive approach to caring for the body and the mind benefits everyone. It not only makes sense on a human level – the business case has been proven.
A fresh look at the future of work and business
The good news is that business leaders are in a unique position to drive systemic change.
“The workplace is a force for good in mental wellbeing… Business has to play its part and be confident about playing its part” Sir Ian Cheshire, Chairman, Barclays UK and Campaign Chair, Heads Together in his keynote address at the inaugural Mad World Summit 2018
Our goal is to provide a place where employers, from different sectors, can learn from one another in real-time and find the solutions they need to support the mental health and wellbeing of their employees.
The content of this year’s summit is designed to help attendees find the strategies, solutions and connections that they need to really make a difference in their workplace. It’s perfect for the collaboration which is essential to really embed this agenda with employers.
98% of attendees who responded to our 2018 post-event survey stated that, as a direct result of attending Mad World, they took action to support mental health and wellbeing in their workplace.
Building on this impact, the 2019 Mad World Summit, scheduled for 9 October – the day before World Mental Health Day, will feature fresh insights.
Showcasing real-life solutions through case studies
This year, we are again putting mental health at the heart of the agenda. However, we recognise that good mental health goes hand in hand with good physical, social and financial health. So, we are also highlighting case studies that demonstrate how mental health fits with a holistic and preventative approach to workplace culture and wellbeing.
From established corporates like Airbus to bold disruptors that are setting a new benchmark for company culture like VaynerMedia. From smart SMEs like Secret Escapes to public sector organisations like the UK Civil Service. We are delighted to be featuring perspectives from the UK and beyond, from a wide range of employers, representing an array of job functions.
Sustainable mental health and wellbeing strategies
While leading employers are already making great progress implementing effective mental health and wellbeing strategies, many are still struggling to maintain momentum or even get started.
We’ve designed this year’s agenda so that attendees can find answers to their most pressing questions including:
– How can you audit the services you are already providing to work out where best to focus resources?
– How do you select the right solutions and suppliers for your business?
– What systems are needed to support mental health first aiders?
– Which are the most promising innovations in digital mental health solutions and how can they be applied in your workplace?
– At a corporate level, how do you create a work culture and environment that enables the multi-generational workforce to personally and professionally thrive?
– How do you engage all levels of management to translate aspirations for mental health and wellbeing strategies into effective action and behavioural change?
Positive approach, engaging format
One of the things that sets Mad World apart is our positive approach and engaging format. Building on this, for the 2019 event we are offering a wider range of sessions. We want attendees to have lots of opportunities for peer-to-peer networking and real-time knowledge exchange.
Types of session include: keynotes from business and thought leaders; practical case studies; breakfast briefings; interactive workshops; roundtable discussions; plus, a Think Tank session for CFOs and HR Directors.
We are pleased to be collaborating with Ruby Wax’s Frazzled charity to create the de-Frazzled zone, where attendees will be able to recharge and gather their thoughts.
We are also bringing together an exhibition of world class products and services, so attendees can discover and compare practical and innovative solutions under one roof.
Session spotlight: harnessing the power of your business
Our research showed that employers particularly struggle with putting together a strategy that will achieve ongoing board room buy-in.
So, we are delighted to be able to feature a stellar panel as part of the closing plenary section of the agenda. Chaired by Jon Slade, Chief Commercial Officer, Financial Times, the “Harnessing the power of business” panel discussion will help attendees to understand how to make a winning business case for mental health and wellbeing in their workplace.
Panel members include: Jayne-Anne Gadhia, Founder & CEO, Gadhia Group (previously CEO, Virgin Money UK); Tony Bickerstaff, Chief Financial Officer, Costain; Amanda Lambert, People Director, Three; Rob Stephenson, Founder, InsideOut.
Further details about this session and everything else that is going on at the Mad World Summit are at
You can click here to see the latest list of confirmed speakers and hereto see the latest agenda.
You can also click here to register to attend either the conference or exhibition.
Follow the LeaderBoard
The “Harnessing the power of business” session is also a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on Rob Stephenson’s work with the InsideOut LeaderBoard.
“I’d love to see more CEOs and those in positions of leadership come out and talk about their mental health..” HRH The Duke of Cambridge, Davos, 2019.
The LeaderBoard echoes this sentiment. It follows the premise that when our leaders speak out about their mental health challenges and get behind the agenda, they inspire culture change. This allows people to put their hand up and seek help if they are struggling with their own mental health.
Rob believes that it also inspires an organisational shift that enables and inspires all employees to prioritise their mental wellbeing. This in turn creates happier, more productive and higher preforming workplaces.
Following the great success of the launch of the InsideOut LeaderBoard in 2019, InsideOut is again calling on senior leaders to open up and get behind the mental health agenda. They will be publishing the following LeaderBoards in the UK in 2020:
1. Business LeaderBoard
2. Corporate Ally LeaderBoard
3. Care-Giver LeaderBoard
4. Government and Public Sector
5. Not for Profit
6. Sports Professionals
7. Entertainers
Rob is also taking the LeaderBoard to the US, Australia and Europe.
Mad World supports the work of InsideOut, so we are pleased to encourage you to nominate or apply to join the 2020 LeaderBoard. Alternatively, you can email Rob Stephenson if you would prefer to have a confidential chat. The closing date for nominations and applications is 31 December 2019.
Claire Farrow
Claire Farrow is the Conference Director for Mad World. She is responsible for the content of the Mad World Forum and also drives the content for Mad World News.
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