Video is such a vital marketing tool for your practice – make sure you’re not missing out on potential clients by learning how. Therapist Anne-Marie gets to grips with her first business video, and tells us how she got on. 

Why video?

As a practicing therapist I realise the importance of having video as a means of promotion, allowing potential clients to find me online and watch a video outlining what I do, and what I can offer my clients. It gives them an opportunity to find out more about me before they visit, and gives that extra information that a static photograph on a website cannot do. It can also make a therapist more approachable as knowing who you will be seeing for your treatment is a great benefit. 

What are the benefits for practitioners?

Creating video content for your website can seem daunting and if you are not an expert in video creation, it can be difficult to know where to start.

I have never had to create my own video before, a complete beginner, so using an app that guides you through the process is ideal. There is so much to take into account when creating your own videos, from the initial set up, to ensuring the background is right, what you wear, how you express yourself, and how you get your message across. The Noah app takes all of this into account and guides you through the process, allowing you to focus on your message to your clients, and the app does all the technical work on your behalf.  

What is the Noah app?

Noah is a fully integrated video creation app to write, record, edit and manage video content. 

Noah’s mission is to help people who have something meaningful to say, share their knowledge with a wider audience through video. They believe they can achieve that by removing the pains in video creation, namely coming up with ideas, script writing, recording and editing. They aim to make creating a video fun!

How easy is it to use?  

I downloaded the Noah App to my iPhone and set up an account. Within the app there is a tutorial section of video clips with help on various areas including writing your script, body language, helpful equipment and using lighting correctly – this is all very helpful to ensure you get the best results possible. 

The video is set up as a “Project” and there are a selection of templates to choose from, including introducing yourself or explaining a topic. There is also a blank template for people who feel comfortable creating their own videos, up to 10 minutes long. I chose a 90-second template, which felt the right amount of time to introduce myself and tell my clients about who I am, what I do and how I can support them. 

I just needed to add my script into the separate blocks, allowing me to record and re-record each block as many times as necessary. This is a great feature as it allows for each section to be recorded individually and then it can be edited together once all the blocks are recorded. Planning the script was really useful as it meant that when I was recording the video I knew exactly what I was going to say, and could focus on getting my message across – I knew that previously the thought of doing a video with no written prompts would be a stumbling block, so having the script appear across the top of the phone screen was great!

Before the actual recording, I was nervous about going on camera, but having watched all the video tutorials gave me a head start on what to expect.  I wore black, with a scarf to add some colour, ensured that I had a light source in front of me and not behind, and with the advice from the tutorials on how to achieve the best effects in front of the camera, I was ready to start recording. 

The actual act of recording the video was really simple. The lighting was perfect, the script was ready and waiting, I just had to press “Record” and go. The top third of the screen has the teleprompt in a font large enough to make it easy to read, and there’s a handy head-shaped outline on the screen to show the perfect distance to sit from the screen. The speed of the teleprompt can be tailored to suit if necessary. There is also a help icon on screen which gives you further tips on how to make a great video. 

There is also the option to ‘trim’ your video segments to edit out any unwanted sections at the start or end, such as reaching out to your phone to start/stop the recording, which is an invaluable function to have. Once you’re happy with the preview build, it’s as simple as hitting the ‘generate’ button, et voila! You have your very own self made masterpiece! 

There is an additional option of adding music, logos or filters to your video – just get in touch with the team at NOAH who can help you with this feature.

The whole process was quick and easy. There is the option to get support via WhatsApp and I found the support quick, helpful and reassuring. 

Noah is an incredibly useful app to have on your phone if you’re looking at creating promotional video footage for either your own therapy site, or to put on social media as a way of getting your message out to a wider audience. It’s features are easy to use and the recording/editing process is very simple to follow. 

How can I create great video content with Noah?

Currently, the Noah App is only available on the iPhone 6s and newer models and is compatible with iOS 13 and 14, however there is a plan to roll it out on Android phones in Q3 next year.

The Noah App is available for download from the Apple store in the next few days – to keep up to date sign up here. Initially, it will be free to download for the first few months, then there will be a charge of £15-20 per month.

To find out more about Noah watch their video here.